Just a few weeks after Vinny Del Negro said the Clippers definitely don’t flop, Lionel Hollins comes out and makes the exact opposite argument. This is the beginning of one exciting feud!

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  1. That may be the backhanded compliment of the year.

    Clearly this Vinny Del Negro, Lionel Hollins beef can only be settled one way. We all know what that means….Dance Off!

  2. All this trash talk will just make their 1 on 1 even more intense. Obviously Hollins-Del Negro will be the best, most physical first round of the Coach’s bracket, the same way Grizzlies-Clippers is.

  3. It is hard to feud over cold hard facts. CP3 and the Clippers flop without a doubt.

  4. Going into the Memphis-Clippers series I didn’t really have much of a rooting interest for either team, but the more I watch the more I’ve found myself vehemently cheering against the Clippers because of their flopping. Every NBA team does some flopping but the Clippers are the absolute worst. CP3 is the worst/best flopper in the league by a country mile, and Griffin seems to do the Lebron better (worse!) than Lebron these days. Dear Lord Blake don’t you know they film these games? This is to say nothing of Reggie Evans and the rest of the team.

    The thing I hate about the NBA is that the refs keep rewarding flopping especially from the stars. If you’re a ref wouldn’t you get pissed at players who are constantly trying to make you look bad by tricking you into making these horrific calls? Has anyone ever got a T for flopping? I really really really hope chubby little Chris Paul gets a technical for flopping in game 5.

  5. Who cares about flopping?….. the problem is palming and carrying the ball all the time!! It is not stopped and has ruined the game.

  6. Guys, guys. The problem is when guys shoot and the ball doesn’t go in. I hate when that happens.

    • Putting the ball through the hoop isn’t the problem, it’s the game. Players as good as CP3 and Blake should focus on the game. They’re a delight to watch when they are focused on putting the ball through the hoop. Puh-lease, just play basketball guys. The game of basketball is so much better than the game of ‘lets see how many fouls I can fool the ref into calling.’

  7. LAC are flop city, end of discussion. The Grizz are gonna win game 6 and then game 7 cause the refs are catching on. Lets go, Memphis!

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