Even though I am 164 percent positive that this video is some sort of tie-in to the return of Allen Iverson’s first signature shoe, the Reebok Question — can’t wait for May 25, great shoe — it’s kind of amazing that Allen Iverson is still the coolest basketball player you can get to appear in your rap video (AI first pops up at the 0:46 mark). He’s 36 years old, passed his prime in 2008 and hasn’t even been in the NBA the past two seasons, but he’s still one of the best hip-hop signifiers we have. Step your game up, all other players in the history of the NBA..

Also, not a bad song. I’d have preferred the ratio of Swizz Beatz to A$AP Rocky to be switched, but the Araabmuzick beat makes even the Swizziest of verses bearable. Thumbs up all around.

(via Vulture)

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  1. Good thing that in a time when rappers can’t rap anymore you see that at least Allen Iverson still has mad handles.

  2. Either AI or Stevie Franchise, oh wait

  3. Active players have to be scrupulous about their “brand”. A.I. no longer really has a brand to protect.

  4. I can’t believe music like this is still popular, only in the states it has to be said.. move forward guys..

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