On today’s playoff edition of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas breakdown Tuesday night’s action-packed NBA schedule. Topics discussed include: Andrew Bynum’s “Closeout games are easy” comments, if JaVale McGee was born in the 30′s, Andre Miller’s old-man moxie, Kobe’s three-point barrage, the Magic’s fourth (not third) quarter collapse, Collison’s pick-and-roll, the final play in the Cs-Hawks game, Al Horford, Deng and Boozer steppin’ up, whether Taj and Brand will get suspended, and Ronnie Brewer. All that, plus pizza.

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  1. Finally! i like

  2. Top 10 Point Guards:

    Tiny Archibald
    Bob Cousy
    Clyde Frazier
    Tim Hardaway
    Magic Johnson
    Pearl Monroe
    Gary Payton
    Oscar Robertson
    John Stockton
    Isiah Thomas

    Magic is # 1. The order for # 2 – 10 is debatable.

    • No Jason Kidd? Steve Nash? Guys don’t have to be retired to be top-10.

      • I left off current players. Nash and J-Kidd would definitely crack the Top 10 Chris Paul is probably already up there, too. And Rose, Westbrook, Rondo, D-Will, and Parker have a chance to crack that list.

      • Top 10 with current players included:

        Bob Cousy
        Tim Hardaway
        Magic Johnson
        Jason Kidd
        Steve Nash
        Gary Payton
        Chris Paul
        Oscar Robertson
        John Stockton
        Isiah Thomas

  3. I loved Horford’s energy and emotion last night. Hell, he almost tore his pec muscle doing his air punch after the win. Tough though knowing he cares so much about winning but yet he plays with joe johnson who doesn’t seem to care about anything.

  4. The dude that McGee was high fiving was Masai the GM, and he tweeted this about it: Had the game ball after the game and thru it up to moms and the fam in the stands… I tebowed it right on target lol

  5. I think Skeets mentioned this before about ‘dragging’ the series out. What are your thoughts on the idea that the Laker are dragging the series out so that Metta World Peace would be ready for the OKC series? I do not think the Lakers want to play against OKC without MWP.

  6. what the hell was that at the end? You guys are gettin’ JaVale weird.

    Ledell Eccles
    Johnny Moore
    Mo Cheeks
    Terrell Brandon
    Greg Kite
    Bobby Diner
    ?? \m/ ??

  7. Actually, the 4 shooters thing was in place in ’05 with the Suns when they moved Marion to the 4 alongside Q & JJ.

  8. Can we please get a whole compilation of Popp vs reporters made up, I love that shit to much.

  9. Everyone already knows this, but Pops is the best!

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