Things of Note for May 9, 2012

Ballin: JaVale McGee went for 21 points and 14 rebounds by doing the only things JaVale McGee should try to do — catch the ball and dunk/shoot it and try to grab rebounds. When he tried doing other tricks, like a running lefty hook that caught mad iron and then didn’t get back and Andrew Bynum got an easy dunk, things went bad. Keep it simple and keep trying to play with Andre Miller. Things could work out OK.

Not so much: In their first closeout game since 2003′s first round, the Philadelphia 76ers scored 26 points in a half of basketball, turned in season lows in points (69) and shooting (32 percent), and had as many assists as turnovers. Not the most clutch performance, but at least they have two more shots at ending things.

Perfect ending: There is no better way for a sloppy, turnover-filled game between the Hawks and Celtics to end than with two turnovers in the last nine seconds.

M. Night Shyamalan, the master of the modern movie ending,  couldn’t have scripted a better finish to this game. It’s glorious.

Blazer legs: As it was an odd-numbered Chicago Bulls playoff game in 2012, someone suffered a leg injury. This time it was Taj Gibson, who rolled his ankle, returned and is vowing to play in Game 6. Since nothing bad has ever come from returning to basketball too early, I’m sure this will work out fine.

Never change: Even though JaVale McGee had a great game, he is still JaVale McGee and therefore good for some laughs.

If Craig Sager hadn’t said, “Hold on to that game ball,” would JaVale McGee have tossed it in to the stands? It’s a real chicken-or-egg situation.

Also: If I recall correctly, the Pacers eliminated the Magic last night. I seem to remember Paul George throwing a pass that bounced off Hedo Turkoglu’s back and went right to Danny Granger for a 3-pointer. This could all be an illusion, however, since no one cares about that series.

Mystery woman: Is this blonde lady Kevin Love’s girlfriend? They had matching leather jackets, so I’m guessing yes. Good for him.

Southern hospitality: When you get on the floor, throw dem bows.

Somehow, I don’t think this will get quite the play that Metta World Peace’s elbow did. Just a hunch.

Worst Reggie Miller quote: “How do you leave Paul Pierce alone for a wide-open contested three?!” or “If you’re Boston, you have to foul as quick as possible. You have to keep the hands out of Joe Johnson.” Tough choice.

Other things: Here’s a weird 76ers fan just vibing on the sidelines and creeping on John Lucas … Ronnie Brewer LaPhonso Ellis-ed someone’s shot last night, but it’s not online. Rare miss, internet … Also not online is Andrew Bynum catching an alley-oop, trying to dunk it backwards and smacking the ball in to the bottom of the backboard … You usually don’t see Paul Pierce miss go-ahead shots by this much … Don’t worry, Kyrylo Fesenko has a small alligator