Lots to love in this short clip from last night’s installment of “Inside the NBA.” From Rajon Rondo’s The Time meets “The Mask” jacket to Josh Smith’s mom wearing a bright yellow “Mama Smith” jersey to Charles Barkley clowning on Rondo for even owning such a jacket, it’s gold from start to finish.

The best part, however, is Ernie Johnson’s dismissive “Whatever” after the camera cuts back to the studio. Feels like that’s the appropriate response to most of Rondo’s confrontations with the media. If he could, I bet Ernie would have rolled his eyes, pointed his thumb at Rondo and said, “This guy. Pffft.”

(via NESN)

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  1. I feel like that could have been a lot worse. Rondo looked ready to throw down. Maybe he took some fashion advice from Swaggy P?

  2. EJ with the FI-YAHHHH

  3. Don’t hate on the Gordon Snarltrell jacket

  4. common already, where is the fix, cant wait

  5. This is why I love Rondo, he’s clearly on the verge of killing the cameraman but just keeps his ever so same look on his face and tells him not to film, again. C’mon man, could we respect a person’s privacy please when asked for it? Even a public person?

  6. I love you Chuck.

  7. How do NBA players have such bad style? Swaggy P probably let him borrow that.

  8. I think thats good style.

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