Never let it be said that Memphis Grizzlies fans aren’t in to the game, because last night was a rollercoaster of emotions for the Grizzlies supporters in the FedEx Forum. Up top, you’ve got a whole arena booing a guy for five minutes as he lays on the ground clutching a knee that cost him his rookie season. Down below, you’ve got that same group of people heckling the best point guard in the game. One of these is cool and one is not so much.

Starting with the not so cool move, let’s talk about the Grizzlies fans booing Blake Griffin for hyperextending his knee. There’s not much else to say that Clips Nation didn’t already address. It’s pretty wack to boo a guy who is legitimately hurt, even if he does have a history of overselling contact and acting like his face has been caved in whenever he gets fouled. At the very least, it’s easy to see where Grizzlies fans are coming from since they are already jacked up about hating the Clippers and hating their flopping, but it’s just a good rule of thumb to not boo guys who are down on the ground. It’s like mom always says — “When in doubt, don’t … boo a guy who is laying on the ground hurt.”

On the other side of things, getting 18,000 people to synchronize their hate for a single player is pretty impressive. Maybe it’s not the nicest thing in the world to say, but harassing the opponent’s best player is a time-honored tradition that is as old as sports itself. The fact that it’s something a sixth grader would come up with makes it even better. Riling Chris Paul up isn’t the best idea, but a simple, declarative statement about the fans’ Public Enemy No. 1 that is easy to decipher through television speakers is both effective and funny. Well done on this, and on the “See you Sunday” chant that took over the crowd in the closing moments of the game and even made Chris Paul giggle on the sidelines.

All in all, a mixed bag from Grizzlies fans last night. The booing is certainly going to overshadow the two zingers they were able to coordinate, which is really too bad. But those are the breaks when you do something that is instantly regrettable.

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  1. Wasn’t able to watch live but saw people going nuts on Twitter over the Memphis fans booing an injured Blake. Saw the video this morning and I honestly don’t see what all the fuss is about. Did some fans boo while he was down? Yes. And they suck. But going as far as saying the “whole arena” was booing while he was down is quite a stretch. It was relatively quiet while he was down save for a few boos and reactions to replays. It wasn’t until he got up and then re-entered the game that the boos really amped up…when it was clear he wasn’t suffering a devastating injury.

    I don’t think they would have booed if he had to be carried off the court. I could be wrong, but I don’t think Memphis fans are that callous.

    • we were booing because it was ridiculous how the entire clippers bench went across the entire court and surrounded little blakie poo while the trainer put a band aid on his boo boo

  2. I don’t blame them for thinking he was being dramatic since he usually is. And I can see being frustrated with the Clips flopping. But, certainly once he was down for a while and is limping the booing should stop. Although then he was right back in the game which might have only confirmed their suspicions that he’s a drama queen.

    This always happens with players who oversell contact. I always see – and totally understand – that whenever Paul Pierce goes down all the Lakers fans are going to send all kinds of tweets about him faking and getting out the wheelchair. I could totally see Lakers fans in LA cheering if he went down or Celtics fans cheering for Kobe being down.

  3. They need to do “Chris Sucks” in time with Kurt Angle’s WWE music.

  4. what a bunch of sissies you all are, none of the fans knew he was injured, blake is a pre-madonna and milks it every time he gets fouled, its not like there was a MRI scan of what just happened on the big screen and Memphis fans cheered. Its amazing how no one every looks at shit from the other person’s perspective to see why they were doing what they were doing.

  5. All of that sound is coming from Fat GIF Kid. He’s that loud.

  6. A friend of mine who was at the game said that Memphis fans did initially boo when Blake went down but the booing lessen when he wasn’t getting back up. The boos started again when they showed an obnoxious Clippers fan on the jumbotron that was yelling at the refs and fans around him. Fedex Forum wasn’t booing an injured Blake, but rather the Clippers fan.

  7. Sorry but Blake deserves absolutely no benefit of the doubt when he’s rolling on the ground, he’s pulled too much shit before. I wouldn’t have booed him myself but there is nothing really wrong with Memphis fans doing it.

  8. I’m sick of people talking about Griffin being overdramatic. Boo all you want when he flops to the ground. But you STOP booing when he stays there and the entire coaching and training staff runs out onto the court for the next 5 minutes. He may be dramatic, but he’s not dramatic to the point that he has the training staff come out every time. This is probably the 2nd time I have ever seen Griffin go down and stay down this long.
    Again, I don’t care if you boo him the rest of the game. But the booing stops once there is a chance the injury becomes serious. He may fake contact, but I don’t think he would fake serious injury. Sure, he played the rest of the game, but he was clearly limping, and his status for next game is in question. He is obviously hurt, and nobody has any right to say he was being overdramatic with his injury.

  9. Seriously, what is it about some sports fans? It’s just a game people. Trust me, I love NBA. I get just as excited as anyone else when a game is on the line, or during playoffs. But there are a lot of things MUCH more important than who wins this glorified version of playground marbles, like having self-respect and showing respect. Some taunting is fun, but getting together like a bunch of mindless baboons to boo at someone who is pretty clearly hurt (regardless of flop history) shows a total lack of perspective. Grow up and become a human being.

  10. Its hard to fault the Memphis fans on this one. Blake has been flopping around like a fish out of water this entire series, so when he goes down spectacularly on this play its unfair to demand they give him the benefit of doubt when he’s delivered flop after spectacular flop throughout the series. How were they supposed to know that this time it was real? He’s the boy who cried wolf in this situation.

    As Ratbastard points out the boos more or less stop after a while as the crowd starts to think that maybe he actually is injured. Booing him after he initially fails to get up is pretty fair as floppers (as well as the legitimately injured) often stay down for a beat or two in order to sell the foul.

    And when he walks off the court on his own steam, shoots the free-throws, and plays the rest of the game? Yeah, I think the boos are pretty okay then too. They’re booing him for turning a tweaked knee into a 5 minutes of high drama. Rose spent less time on the floor with a shredded knee then Blake did with his tweak. The Grizzles fans hate him, so boo away I say. They’d be classless if they booed him on the way to the locker room and an mri, but this was hardly the case.

    • First of all, I still think the flopping is being blown out of proportion, and has become something of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Griffin no doubt earned some of his reputation for flopping, but once he’s considered a flopper, the narrative takes over even when he doesn’t flop.

      Fact is, none of that even matters. You can boo his flopping, but this wasn’t a flop. He will fake contact, but he doesn’t fake a major injury. He doesn’t have the training staff come out and look at him on the ground for 5 minutes when he flops. He gets up and maybe winces and holds his face, but that’s it. This was different, and it should have been abundantly clear that he wasn’t faking it. Boo him when he flops, but stop booing when it’s become more serious than that. Fans should have recognized this, and the ones who did recognize this and kept booing are the ones who are seriously at fault.

      And yes, he walks back onto the court under his own power–thankfully, the injury wasn’t as serious as it could have been. This should have made fans cheer, not boo, to know that he wasn’t hurt. Also, he was obviously playing hurt. Anyone who watched could see he was limping the rest of the game and was ineffective.

      And stop calling this a “tweak,” like you’re a doctor or someone who can feel what he is feeling. Just because he thankfully didn’t tear his ACL doesn’t mean he couldn’t be in excruciating pain. It’s listed as a hyper-extended knee–does that sound like fun to you, like you could just hop back up and keep playing?

      Just because the injury didn’t end up being serious doesn’t mean they knew it wasn’t. Fans had no idea at the time when Griffin was lying there, yet they booed anyway.

      • Blake Griffin is a top 10 flopper in the league. I say this as someone who doesn’t have a team in this series, or the playoffs, or the league. (I root for whichever team Nash plays for) Understand that my natural bias in this situation isn’t against Blake Griffin (as a perceived Grizzlies fan) but for him as someone who couldn’t stop laughing the first time I saw one of his ridiculous dunks.

        I think we can probably agree that Blake isn’t a subtle flopper. In the parlance of the nba, his flops are BIG. As Charles Barkley pointed out Blake has become an ‘Ohmigod someone just shot Vince Carter’ type of flopper. So, when Blake crashes to the floor and doesn’t get up to the floor immediately I think its entirely appropriate to boo. Why is it appropriate? Because 99 times out of a 100 (999/1000?) its an ‘ohmigod they shot Blake’ flop. The narrative you’re talking about? Well, you can call it anti-Blake prejudice but I’m going to have to call it common sense. Statistically when Blake goes down hard its a flop not an injury, and I am not going to blame the Memphis fans for going by the numbers.

        You’re absolutely right, I’m not a doctor. But I have played and watched sports enough to know that there sprained and twisted knees come in many different levels of severity. The fact that Blake was able to play the remainder of the game (albeit with a decided limp) is a reasonable indication that this particular knee injury was relatively innocuous.

        If you watch the incident in its entirety you will see that booing more or less stops once the crowd realizes that he has been down on the floor too long to be selling a foul. The booing starts back up when he walks back to the bench unassisted and they realize that’s he’s basically okay. If I’m a Grizzlies fan do I boo him on the way back to the bench? No, I don’t think I do. But I’m not going to condemn the fans that did either.

        I’m kinda curious are you a Clippers fan?

        • I am a Clippers fan, but not sure how it’s really relevant. I accepted that Blake flops, but also stated that this isn’t the point. The main point I made is that flopping and faking injury are different. Usually, when Blake goes down, he gets back up. This time was clearly different. It’s rare for the entire coaching and training staff to come out to tend to a player. And from watching the telecast(and watching every Clipper broadcast this season) you can tell when a player is in serious pain, and when they are trying to get a call. It was pretty obvious he was in pain here, and not trying to get a call. And I was right, he was in pain, and he was injured. The fact that he kept playing really shouldn’t mean anything, because he was legitimately hurt. Whether he was only hurt enough to limp the rest of the game or miss the entire next season, the fact was that he was actually hurt, and he shouldn’t be booed for it. Sure, boo him while he’s playing all you want. But if he’s actually hurt, as it was obvious last night that he was, don’t boo. While he was on the floor, it should have been obvious to anyone watching live or on TV that he was legitimately injured, with his injury ranging somewhere from “serious ACL type injury” to “bad twist/hyperextension type injury,” and at that point, nobody should have been booing.

  11. As a European i honestly do not understand how this is even a story?
    They did what? .. r u kidding me?
    I do not like it too much either, but no comparison to whats going on in Europe at Sport Events..

    These players earn so much money, some booing wont hurt.. Fans are part of the game.
    As long as it doesnt cross the physical line (eg. Fans vs Artest in Detroit) you gotta live with that!
    Yes, even if you’re seriously injured! Nice Away-Fans won’t help you in that situation anyway…

    • Came here to say that; this is a very funny quote indeed:

      “On the other side of things, getting 18,000 people to synchronize their hate for a single player is pretty impressive.”

      Just watch any game (Euroleague or Local Leauges) in Europe and i think you’ll cry.

  12. Not surprised the Memphis fans booed BG. Last year they booed Ginobli when he went down in their arena. #Classless.

  13. Just by watching on the TNT broadcast, the boos also coincided with the announcement that there was a technical foul called on Gasol for … some reason or another (seemingly throwing his hands down in an exasperated motion). Things got a little too fast for Stockton to figure out, which also can be said for about 125 other moments in the broadcast.

  14. I think you guys are thinking of it like the fans in Memphis are watching it like you were on TV. As has been said – they started booing for the flop (and I’d support fans booing every time Blake draws a foul) – then the tech gets announced – then the jumbotron shows a Clippers fan. That’s taking a lot of people’s attention during the stoppage. Just doesn’t seem like that big of a deal.

    I’m not saying it leaves a positive impression on an outsider looking in. But, the great majority of sports fandom involves doing dumb things. I don’t see this being unprecedented in any way.

    Clippers fans – yes – everyone hates you now. I hate Blake Griffin’s face that he does when he flops and complains to the refs all the time. I also hate the Spurs and the Lakers and the Heat and the Bulls.

    This is probably a new feeling. It’s called being relevant. Enjoy it.

  15. i’d boo his dumb ass too. this isn’t just about flopping. Blake plays with reckless abandon because 1) he’s an athletic freakshow and 2) he’s not very smart, and therefore has to make up for it with said athleticism. It’s one thing to hustle, it’s another to constantly put other people in danger with your style of play. this usually works out for him and no harm is done, but if you go back and watch this play Blake basically tries to bulldoze his way to the rim with marc gasol right in front of him. if you’re gonna do that, fine, but realize you’re in someone else’s house and you just tried to run over their center when you clearly didn’t have a path to the basket. and like i said, usually it works, but when it doesn’t, dont be shocked when you get a sour reaction.

  16. For everyone out their saying the crowd was classless for booing Blake Griffin’s “injury” is needs to know why it happened. The entire bench crossed the entire floor and surrounded little blakie about 15-20 people and then escorted him back to their bench. It was so overly dramatic and “LA” and after all of the other flops and dramatics that this Clippers team pulls it was too much and that was what the crowd was booing.

    P.S. Reggie Evans should be suspended for a game for throwing himself to the ground without O.J. Mayo even touching him and drawing a foul call. That is shamefull and Clippers fans should be embarrassed that they chant his name in their arena.

    You’re soft L.A.

  17. I’ll take this and raise you the Philly fans cheering when Joakim Noah hurt his ankle and went down in game 3, followed by resounding boos as he walked off the floor.


  18. Unless Blake suffered a career-threatening injury like Baron Davis did, I’d say staying on the court for five minutes and having the whole Clipper team is an overreaction when he’s able to get back into the game, even with a noticeable limp. I sincerely doubt the majority of people in this world who might suffer the gruesome injury Baron did would actually smile while getting carted off the court. I fully support Grizzlies fans rights’ to boo that man, even though I personally wouldn’t do it myself. Let’s save adjective like ‘disgusting’ for incidents like the Chris Andersen allegations.

  19. First.. If Blake was so terribly injured, how did he stay in the game? Not even exiting for a moment.. Other than the drama delay. I’m sorry, but if you are a pro athlete any real pain would require an immediate x-ray to insure playing on the injury would not cause further damage. That is a no-brainer.
    I attended game 5 (Memphis) and game 4 (LA). I very briefly heard some of the Memphis crowd chant “Chris Paul sucks” at game 5, but I also heard a much larger number of Clippers fans chant “Randolph Sucks” much louder, and for far more extended periods throught game 4. Let’s call it fair.. This author is as bad as some of the officials.

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