Even though JaVale McGee had one of the best games of his career during the most important game of his career on Tuesday night against the Lakers, the most lasting image of that game is another classic McGee moment. Seconds after being told by Craig Sager to “hold on to that game ball,” JaVale wanders away and tosses said ball in to the Staples Center stands, completely ignoring the sound advice he’d just got from Sager. It was vintage JaVale — completely unexplained and very silly.

The amazing thing about it — though not entirely surprising — is that he was throwing the ball to his mom, who has rapidly become everyone’s favorite McGee. And even more amazing, is that the bomb landed right in his mom’s hands. From JaVale’s Twitter:

Had the game ball after the game and thru it up to moms and the fam in the stands… I tebowed it right on target lol

Lest you think it’s a joke, JaVale updated the Denver quarterback analogy for today’s Denver Post:

“It was like Peyton Manning. It was right on target,” McGee said of the ball his mom caught. “I had to really put a spiral on it.”

We live in a world where there are more cellphones than humans and a lot of those cellphones have video cameras, so there has to be video of this somewhere. We need to see it. For all of JaVale McGee’s lowlights and head-scratching plays, if we get a chance to peep him throwing a ball deep in to the stands right to his mom who catches the ball and then mean mugs like she’s in an early-2000s Cash Money Records video, all is forgiven. Something like that could win every ESPY in existence. Please upload this.

Even if we never get to see the other end of the ball-tossing footage, I’m choosing to believe this story is true. It makes sense that he would keep a playoff game ball, and he’s going to the trouble to recontextualize his throw’s accuracy by upgrading from Tim Tebow to Peyton Manning, then it has to be the truth. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. Prove me wrong, internet.

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  1. the nba.com tnt overtime cameras caught it, they didnt zoom in on MCgee, a woman did catch the ball, can say if it was his mom though, video res was worse that those bigfoot sighting films.

  2. After looking at his Twitter account, I’m dying to know about his alter ego, Pierre McGee.

  3. “I had to really put a spiral on it”

    I would really like to know in what way and world one could throw a basketball that it does to spiral. Clearly McGee lives in a world which involves a different set of physics laws.

    • a spiral would just suggest that it’s spinning

      basketball shots all spiral, just in a different direction than a football (backspin)

      there’s plenty of ‘vale quotes to pick apart, don’t know that this is one of them…

  4. Clearly, Mike O’Brien lives in a world with different rules for grammar.

    • Ha, sometimes typing from an iPad can be difficult. I do not see the need for perfect grammar when commenting on a basketball blog. My point was that all basketball shots spiral, so how would it be possible to throw one in a way that it does not? I hardly believe that he would throw a basketball in knuckle ball fashion.

      Was that grammar ok for you Tracy mo mo?

  5. McGee is Simple Jack.

    • I don’t see the need for perfect grammar on a basketball blog either.

      What you attempted to do was make fun of what Mcgee was expressing by pointing out how it was impossible to do what he was trying to do, but in the process you made an error expressing yourself.

      karma. *wink*

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