Ballin: 29 points on 16 shots for LeBron James, who also added eight rebounds, seven assists, two steals and a block. Standard.

Not so much: Conversely, it took J.R. Smith 15 shots to score 12 points, six of which came on free throws. I’m not sure if it was his new mohawk, which was bizarrely wider at the bottom of his head than the top, that did it, but I wouldn’t be surprised. And he handled it well too, eventually threatening to leave the Knicks after everyone on Twitter was hating on him.

Tops of the flops: Between the fire extinguisher pun and Amar’e Stoudemire psyching out Shane Battier, this might literally be the best foulout ever, at least from an NBA memes perspective.

After the game, Mike Bibby and Jared Jeffries tabletopped Dwyane Wade. Fifth grade pranks are the best.

Fun fact: Per ESPN’s Tom Haberstroh — Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith combined shots in the Knicks-Heat series: 200. Rest of Knicks’ team: 121.

Is this me?: Got about 15 tweets last night asking if this bro at the Grizzlies game was me.

It was. Go Grizzlies. Go headbands.

Bulls West: On top of Caron Butler’s broken hand, the Clippers added injuries to Blake Griffin (sprained left knee) and Chris Paul (strained right hip flexor), just to make things interesting for the rest of the series. No word yet on when Vinny Del Negro’s brain sprain will be fully healed.

Clodhoppers: Marc Gasol’s feet are so big and awkward, they tore a hole straight through Blake Griffin’s new Nike Hyperdunk Elites.

Don’t worry. The Clippers play at home on Friday, so Blake can change in to these and be totally fine.

Great moments: Just a few things that happened last night that were awesome — Kevin Harlan said Mike Woodson sounded like Tone Loc during a sideline interview, Chris Webber chided Eric Bledsoe for getting a technical then explained a bunch of different ways to show your displeasure with a ref and not get T’d up, Rudy Gay tried to throw the ball off someone but totally missed and the ball went 20 feet in the air, Mo Williams fell down for no reason to end the game. Good times.

Other things: Get out of here, Tyson Chandler … Just a silly shot by Dwyane Wade … Who doesn’t love cutout O.J. Mayo? … Shaq just heard that Al Harrington looks like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, which the internet has been saying since at least 2007 and probably earlier … Metta World Peace is going to be on “Punk’d” because someone apparently has a death wish

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  1. Imagine if Griffin had done that while dunking… wouldn’t that be he greatest thing ever! :)) Haha

  2. its not 29 points on 16 shots, its 29 points on 16 shots and 13 free throws

  3. Oh no! JR Smith may leave, whatever shall we do, I had to laugh when he was trending last night. 99% of those tweets had to have a theme of “shoots too much” while the other 1% more than likely featured some combination of the words “tattoos” and “wtf”.

    Also I hope this tweet by Roy Hibbert is a front runner for tweet of the week,

    “I wonder if the ghost from Ghost Writer ever moved on2 after life. Kinda sucks when all the kids grow up n theres no mysteries 2 solve.”

  4. That STAT video may be the best thing ever. F Miami, bunch of flopping pussies!

  5. The story should be that JR Smith shot so poorly in the series he may be able to leave.

  6. Proof of the prank on Dwyane?

  7. I don’t think Amar’e was trying to psych Shane, he just realized how ridiculous it looks to help up the guy who fouls you out of your elimination game.

    • Whereas it looks totally cool if you extend your hand to someone on the ground and then pretty much yell “Sike!”

  8. no surprise Melo and Chucky McChuckster took so many shots, did you hear the TNT Wired segment where coach says (paraphrasing) “if you have a shot take it.”

    how about running an offense? say what you will about Dantoni, at least he had some semblance of an actual offense.

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