How would you rather see your favorite team’s season end? That’s not a fun question to answer this early, I know, but after last night’s debacles, I think it’s more than fair. So let’s debate.

On one hand, you have the Bulls, who lost their best player, then lost their best defensive player, dropped a couple of winnable games because they were feeling sorry for themselves, then won a game to reignite hope, then (fast forward) made a great third quarter comeback and had a chance to ice the game with two free throws — which were only being shot by this poor-shooting player thanks to a horrible game decision, so let’s add that part to the pile — only to miss both, then have the other team rush down the court, get fouled and hit two free throws to win the game. That is one of the world’s longest run-on sentences, but the time it takes you to read it is just about as long as it took for things to go from “Yay! Game 7 in Chicago!” to “Great. Now we’re one of the teams on the One Seed Lost to an Eight Seed graphic.” It sucked.

On the other hand, you have whatever happened to the Hawks.

In the space of eight game seconds, Hawks fans had to endure a possibly blown call as their superstar drives to the hoop, a huddle where one of their best players isn’t paying attention, another is throwing his hands up in frustration and their coach is scribbling things and no one has any idea what he’s talking about. Then, somehow, that mystery play actually works, but their returning savior bricks one of the two free throws he needed to make to tie the game. The Bulls loss was bad enough that I got several tweets eulogizing me and/or making sure I was still alive, but I’m still wondering if this Hawks ending is worse. Every emotion imaginable had to be going through Hawks fans’ minds during this. I can’t speak from firsthand experience, but that must have sucked just as much.

As much as basketball is the best, sometimes it is just the worst. Ugh.