Hey, Bulls fans. Want to get even more mad at Carlos Boozer than you already are for him going 1-11 and being such a nothing on the court that he didn’t play the final 16 minutes of a season-ending playoff game despite the fact he’s the Bulls’ highest-paid player?

If so, this should do it. From ESPN:

“I thought I played well, especially with the kind of season it was,” Boozer said, when asked to asses his second season in Chicago. “We had the best record again in basketball, won our division again, had the top seed again, that’s all that matters, yo.”

This should go over pretty well, I’m guessing. I mean, I think all basketball fans agree that what matters the most is having the best record in the regular season, even if that means you lose in the playoffs while, again, sitting the final 16 minutes of the season’s last game because you couldn’t make a shot if your life depended on it. That is what REALLY matters. Not silly championships or showing up when your team needs you because they’re missing their two best players.

Except, obviously, the exact opposite of that paragraph. This definitely won’t go over well, and for a professional athlete, all that matters is winning a championship, even if you didn’t finish with the best record in the league. Do you think Dirk Nowitzki cares that the Mavericks had a three seed last year? Nope.

Carlos Boozer had a solid season, seems to be a great teammate and even realized that painting his hair on wasn’t a good idea, but Bulls fans hate him, especially when compared to ostensible replacement, Taj Gibson, who always plays hard, defends like crazy and is good for a huge, momentum-shifting dunk every couple of weeks. Outside of elbowing James Harden in the skull, casually mentioning that regular season success is “all that matters” in the wake of the a depressing playoffs loss might be the worst possible way to win back fans. For a player that everyone already despises, this isn’t going to help, yo.

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  1. and bulls fans are stuck with him for the next 3 more years. Renisdorf will never amnesty boozer…he doen’t like to spend on bulls much. He’s a good owner but cares way more about baseball Owner Jerry Reinsdorf once said he’d trade all six of the Chicago Bulls’ NBA titles for a single Series ring ( fir the white sox)

    • He said that before the White Sox won the World Series in ’05. Prior to that, the last time they won was in 1917, so I’m sure that had something to do with it. Do you really think he would still make that trade today?

      • if you traded all the bulls titles for a Sox title, when was last time bulls won ring? NEVER. so yeah, logically he would still make the trade. nothing is diffrent. Hes just a baseball guy. not a bad owner. But his intrests are with sox. makes money with bulls for the sox.

        • I’m saying that now that he’s experienced a Sox championship in his lifetime, he wouldn’t be so willing to make that trade.

          • I see what you mean, but 6 for 1 speaks louder than that. He makes the money with the bulls and sinks it into the White sox. They had one of the highest payrolls in leauge. Bulls make most money per dollar spent in nba. He’d trade 6 titles MJ and rose for a shot at world sereis ring. Still a good owner but messed up priorities for me.as bulls fan.

    • Pretty sure that Gar will try to trade him, they tried trading him before the deadline the Lakers just are smarter than that to get some bunk as$ player who is softer than hell. Boozer sucks, move over for Taj, I been saying it for 2 years when we signed the bald hack.

  2. In the ESPN quote ‘asses’ should be ‘assess.’ Or should it?

  3. That can’t be a real quote. No one could be that stupid, yo.

  4. The “yo” really seals it for me. Initially, I was thinking of how stupid of a statement this was to make, especially so soon after being knocked out. Until he said “yo” of course. Completely changes Boozer’s sentiment for sure.

    • Yeah, the “yo” makes it hilarious, yo.

    • You might be able to end everything with a “yo” to ensure everyone should accept it.

      “I’m afraid you have terminal cancer, yo.”

      Imagine how more of a G Teddy Roosevelt would be if he implemented the “yo”.

      “Speak softly and carry a big stick, yo.”

      Works for me.

  5. I don’t think Getty has any picture of Boozer with his mouth closed.

  6. Thanks to my beard, I still have hair on my head that grows, and THAT’S all that matters, yo.

  7. Neither the ESPN article nor this post provide the context of the question. I don’t know what it was, but I assume his “that’s all that matters” was comparing winning the conference to his personal play, not the playoffs. If that’s case, it’s not that dumb of quote.

  8. Carlos Boozer has been outed as the frequent caller of the Tony Bruno show named “Jose” who inspired the “What up Wednesdays”.

    “We got hockey action, yo.”

  9. Boozer must’ve been hanging out with Chris Bosh to come up with those wise words.

  10. Boozer and Asik need to be traded.

  11. Boozer and Asik need to be traded.

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