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On today‚Äôs show, The Jones break down the NBA Playoffs including: The return of Metta World Artest, Vinny Del Negro’s decision to keep Chris Paul in Game 5 post-injury, and a preview of the Heat-Pacers and Celtics-76ers second-round series. We also say goodbye to the Knicks, wondering if Nash would be a good fit in New York, and predict whether Woodson, Lin and Co. will be back.

All that, plus Rondo yelling at a cameraman, Sixth Man of the Year love, Greg Oden’s darkest days, round two of our one-on-one, coach vs. coach tournament, softball updates, and Leigh Ellis makes his triumphant Overdose return with a “Tweet of the Weak.”

So give your eyes a rest, and embrace this audio explosion.


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  1. The Iverson commercial I was talking about:

    The Wire character whose name I couldn’t remember: Namond Brice.

    • Is it safe to say that The Wire, ala Zoolander c. 2002, has reached the point where it’s referenced more than it’s watched? Does the internet love The Wire best of all?

  2. Steve Perrin points out on sbnation that CWebb has a little to answer for re. the Blake booing.

  3. Worst Clyde Impression Ever!


    • It was pretty bad, but that almost made it good. lol I love Tas when he gets crazy like that.

  4. Wait, if Lakers were throwing games for the purpose of having MWP for the Thunder, why would they bother throwing game 6 against Denver?

  5. PUN GUN:

    “no, Kim, NO!! AHHH!!”

    -a torture victim of the late dear leader in NK

  6. PUN GUN:

    “Are you joking Noah?” – Everyone Noah asked to help him build the ark.

  7. when he was a kid in school in the winter….”No school today…….there’s snow-ah”

  8. Amar’e for Punk’d because subtlety.

  9. Boozer to Joakim about last nights comments: “I want just Joa-king ya Know-ah?”, yo

  10. Orlando is the perfect location for Steve Nash. Come and play pick and rolls with Dwight, drive and kick to Ryan Anderson, trade everybody else because who cares when you have Dwight and Nash. Think about how good Nash made Amar’e, and how much better, more athletic, and better able to compensate on defense Howard is than Stoudemire. It would be great. Insta-contender

  11. How can the reason the Lakers won’t lose have anything to do with being embarrased by the Nuggets? Any way they could lose a playoff series to Denver will be horrible for the Lakers and Kobe. What if Denver swept? What if Denver didn’t lose game 4 and still won 5 and 6. Taking it to game 7 is the most likely way that the Lakers would lose their first ever playoff series to Denver. Kobe had 31 points in 37 minutes last night and there’s no way that jumps significantly after 48 hours of rest. Hard to argue that it was a bad game for him.

  12. What do you call Joakim’s hair dryer? Joakim Blowa.

    I hear Jo has a lot of copy paper, that’s why his team mates call him Jo “Ream” noah.

    I heard Joakim wanted to grown his own produce (and if I know jo, his own weed), gonna change his name to Joakim grower. ( in a semi-related note, If not in the NBA joakim said he would be a fruit vendor, not kidding)

    What do you call it when Jokaim and bulls crushed Joe Johnson’s hopes of a title last year? Joe Dream Blower.

    I need a pun gun bullet sound fot the last one…anyone agree?

  13. Guys, the jokes about the person who walked on the court in Denver aren’t funny. It turns out that she’s probably not even a ‘Kenyon Martin-stalker’ according to the more recent piece by Marc Spears:–father-of-woman-who-walked-on-court-says-police-misidentified-her-as-kenyon-martin-s-stalker.html

    Seems like more than just a drunk, and it’s totally counter-productive to joke about situations like this. I realize you have comedian hats to wear, too, and I laugh my ass off at most of it. But it’s still possible and important to remain respectful and empathic.

    • Whenever you walk onto court tripping balls and drunk, I’m sorry, its funny. Awesome her dad says she’s not the Kenyon stalker but no one else. This is by far my fav quote from that story:

      “There is a personal issue in her life that she has been dealing with that makes her impulsive. She was really excited about the game.”

      I think this actually makes it funnier. She was just excited for the game so she took LSD/Shrooms and got all drunk and asked where the guy she was stalking was even tho she is banned from the arena and looking for player that is long gone. Just the cherry on the sunday for me.

      BTW I think Tas was right about her and kenyone. I thiink they had a thing going on and he cut her off. similar to the Chris andersen story…

  14. The most ridiculous thing about the 6th Man of the Year voting was that 3 ballots didnt include James Harden. Thats right. Three people who the league are having vote on all the awards dont think James Harden is one of the three best bench players in the league.

  15. I don’t understand how the fan reaction to Blake going down holding his knee is better because the Grizzlies staff put Clippers fans on the big screen. Why do that, so the people of Memphis can watch them in schadenfreude as those Clippers fans on the screen watch their franchise guy on the ground holding his knee after multiple knees have blown up in the last week? His surgically repaired knee? So, that shows the franchise/event production group is full of shitty people in addition to the fans being shitty.

    I bandwagoned Memphis last year and would’ve cheered for them in the second round if they made it, but no more. Go Clippers/Spurs!

  16. Best episode of pun gun ever!

  17. Tried to dl this podcast through Grantland on my iPhone and they pulled a bait-and-switch: podcast is named Basketball Jones 5/11 but is actually the Grandland Triangle podcast (very sneaky Simmons).

    Then tried to download from theScore iTunes page and it crashes my iTunes app every time just loading the page.

    • Hey Paul, if you can, try connecting to wifi to download The Overdose directly to your iPhone. Because the show is over an hour, it exceeds the 20 MB limit on most digital plans. That could be why you keep crashing.

      If that doesn’t work, here’s the link to the actual RSS feed.

      It’ll give you several alternative ways of subscribing, or you can download the show directly from there. Hope this helps.


  18. Matt killed the pun gun, awesome.

    About the Knicks and Melo-Amare, would it be so difficult for them to get rid of the Melo iso and make them work on pick and roll ? Obviously Amare would be back in an offensive system he’s comfortable with and Melo could still handle the ball and taking shots. As he can pass too when he wants (to a cutting Fields for ex), it could be deadly…

  19. What would be Noah’s name if he would be a North Korean dictator Kim Joa-Il Noah

  20. Where does Joakim and his hair make look like he’s from?
    Eastern Samoa.

  21. minus the make.

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