Ballin: Ty Lawson in the house, going for 32 points on 18 shots, including five three pointers. That is very cool for him. Also five rebounds, six assists, no turnovers and a steal. Nice.

Not so much: Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum combined to shoot 5-22 and score 14 points, which is less than Kenneth Faried and Corey Brewer had individually. Pau also grabbed all of three rebounds, which is less than Andre Miller had. Thanks for showing up, guys.

Clap back: If you say Kevin Garnett is the dirtiest player in the league, expect him to address that in a postgame interview.

Stellar performance from Kevin Garnett right here. He calls out someone that criticized him, disses anyone who makes a mistake on his age, hates on everyone’s writing while still encouraging them to call him old so he can use it as fuel for his competitive fire, and almost calls himself an asshole. A real tour de force outing from a true interview legend.

Cap tip: Even though I hate his guts for eliminating the Bulls from the playoffs — and for submarining my 2K12 career by dribbling all the dang time before shooting, which is an accurate but frustrating portrayal — it’s hard to get mad at Andre Iguodala for saying “I thought of my son” while he was hitting his game-winning free throws. I like that.

So close: I was so excited when this happened.

That was such a good play and I was so happy. Little did I know that just a possession later, C.J. Watson would forget how time and free throws work. Cripes.

Although: If Carlos Boozer had been capable of playing a decent playoff game and Taj Gibson and Asik didn’t have to play the final 16 minutes of the game (24, in fact, for Asik), then maybe the Bulls could have had a fresher, more talented offensive player on the court to finish the biggest offensive possession of the season. Just a thought.

Check your head: Here’s Kobe Bryant striking Kenneth Faried about the dreadlocks.

With his eyes fluttering like that, Faried looked like Jack in the last scene of “LOST.” He did a great job of protecting the island.

Gastroenteritis: If you’re mad at Kobe Bryant for smacking your favorite Nugget, here’s a clip of him looking like he might have just pooped his pants.

Other things: Not only did C.J. Watson forget about dribbling, he also had to change his cellphone number because Floyd Mayweather hates him … Weird moment late in the fourth quarter of the 76ers-Bulls game, where Elton Brand and Taj Gibson had a jump ball. The ref tossed it up but stopped the players from jumping. Steve Kerr laughed and so did I … The Heat apologized for that Amar’e Stoudemire “Extinguished” joke, which is so dumb (the joke and the apology) … The Lakers bench was very sad last night … Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are both gametime decisions for tonight