“I’m resting,” Bynum said. “Getting my Zen on.”Andrew Bynum, whose philosophies apparently still apply in the playoffs

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  1. Ship. His. Ass. Out.

  2. Sad to think that our Olympic hopes may end up resting largely on his shoulders with Dwight Howard out and Spain’s absurd size up front.

    • Bynum isn’t on the squad. He said he doesn’t want to participate. They got Tyson Chandler already so no need to panic unless he gets hurt.

      • Tyson Chandler vs. Gasol/Gasol/Ibaka….He’s gonna see some foul trouble real quick. The team still needs a second big man. Who is that going to be?
        On an aside the Knick fan in me is scared as hell that our two best players (sorry Amare you are no longer in this conversation) will be putting all this mileage on their odometer after what was a brutal season.

  3. Wanker for life

  4. Hello

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    Close out games are easy

  5. I’m sad he didn’t take any 3s. And you know, I think deep down, Andrew is sad too he didn’t get to take any 3s.

    • This would have been an even funnier video if a clip of him making a three was put into his meditation.

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