Be right back. My preordered copy of “Kris Humphries Dick Kicker 2012″ just came in the mail, so I’m going to be pretty busy for the next few days. Talk to you soon.

(via I Am a GM)

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  1. This is the perfect video. I love KK even more. I liked him before but he steadily becoming one of my favs, underrated, plays hard, what’s not to like about him. So stupid he’s the most hated player after breaking up with kim.That’s okay, KK is a pretty good rebounder. (rimshot)

  2. They should change “funny or die” to just “die”

  3. love the subtle dig at Kanye with the glasses

  4. this is him trying to appeal to the general public that he is not a douchebag by 1. making a really flat and not at all funny viral video where he pretty much sits in a chair staring for a few minutes at two people who are trying way too hard to be funny and 2. by trying to make people who think he’s a douchebag (pretty much everybody) look like idiots


    • I didn’t know Kanye West posted on TBJ under the name “matt”.. Good to know. Your first album, College Dropout, was good but you fell off after that “matt”.

      • would have been funnier if you werent the worlds only kris humpries fanboy

        • that’s okay by me. I don’t like Kim K. and like guys who play hard, works for me. I just don’t understand why he’s so hated.

  5. honestly, i try to avoid watching new jersey / brooklyn games if i can, the only one i’ve watched this year was v the spurs and humphries was useless, couldnt even catch the ball to save his life.. that was early in the year, shits probably changed but at the time he was a lethargic below mediocre piece of shit watching deron williams do literally everything for his team

    on top of that all his dumbass whining about kardashian related bullshit in the media, no one wants to hear about that bro… as if youd get so close to one of them, specifically the skanky sex tape one and NOT expect to get burned

    to me when i was watching this video it was him trying to take his general shittyness I saw on the court and the memories of pointless shit the kardashians and have it completely replaced with ‘funny viral video where people who don’t get me are stupid’

    still a douchebag to me

    • NJ Nets Games blow but I had to watch a couple of games v. my bulls. He plays hard. No player in top 5 in rebounding is lethargic, (well maybe kevin love). He averaged a doulbe double. Even on the nets, thats not bad at all. Also, I don’t know if you have noticed but he’s taken a lot more flak for Kim K. than she has for him, she’s the one who make the fake wedding. I just don’t understand how a good hustle guy can be so hated.Why do you hate him so much?

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