On today’s playoff edition of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas breakdown Sunday’s Clippers-Grizzlies Game 7, as well as preview and predict the two second-round Western Conference series. Topics discussed include: The Goon Squad, running back Eric Bledsoe, Memphis’ horrific three-point shooting, Blake vs. Z-Bo, Manu’s breakout potential, how the Spurs will play Chris Paul, Bynum vs. Perk, Westbrook’s jumper, how the OKC crowd will affect crazy Ron-Ron, Chris Bosh’s injured abs, and whether or not the Pacers stand a chance.

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  1. You really disapointed me today…did I miss mention of Vinnie D? A Shutout as you would say, none??… He outcoached Hollins and whole series bench played well, it was not only CP3, as many people imply when talking about Vinnie D coaching abilities… Phil had MJ-Scottie, Kobe-Shaq, Riley had Magic-Kareem, DWade-Shaq, Pop had Manu/TP/Duncan… yet everybody glorify their coaching ability…

    I am happy for him, he deserves a lot more love after winning: a) a series when everybody was picking Memphis due to better coach, and b) winning game 7 on the road!!!!!!!!

    • Because he is a shit coach. Chris Paul is a better coach than him.

      Look at how the Bulls jumped +20 wins the season after he left with basically the same roster. Derrick Rose is good, but not THAT good.

  2. Tom Boonen as a bad leading fish?

    Boonen’s 2012 Spring Classics season has been one of the msot impressive ever:

    1st Paris–Roubaix
    1st Tour of Flanders
    1st Gent–Wevelgem
    1st E3 Harelbeke

  3. Nobody else sees the Spurs sweeping the series? Really?
    4-0, nearly no sweat.
    My poll.

  4. You guys wanna change your predictions to Thunder in 4?? I’ll let you. SWEEP LA, SWEEP LA!!! #Thunderup

  5. “door hinge” rhymes with orange, way more than porridge does…

  6. “four inch”? as in four inch vertical?
    although i admit i can’t come up with a single word that rhymes with orange too… dammit.

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