When you are both the Most Valuable Player of a major sports league and the Most Valuable Endorser of a major shoe company, you’re going to get special shoes when you take home a trophy. We’ve seen it in the past and that’s just how it works. Strike while the iron is hot and all that. Yesterday, LeBron James and Nike struck while the iron was super duper skin-melty hot, lacing LBJ with a special edition of his LeBron 9 kicks for Game 1 of the Heat’s second round series with the Indiana Pacers.

As you can see in the pictures after the jump, there are a bunch of little MVP-y flourishes to these sneakers. You’ve got the fancy diamondish MVP plate on the back, some very cool nods to LeBron’s other MVPs in the shoe’s liner and a faded colorway we’ve never seen on this shoe. Pretty cool look, says me.

Peculiarly, however, is that LeBron only wore these for the first half of yesterday’s game, switching to the LeBron 9 Elite in the second half. I guess he prefers the updated technologies and tougher shoe he gets from his playoffs kicks to flossing another MVP trophy which he says means nothing if the Heat don’t win the title. Suit yourself, but I like the pop LeBron gets from the MVP shoe. Very flashy, which is perfect for Miami.

Rumor has it that a limited number of these MVP kicks are going to hit retail, though no release details are available. Let’s just assume they’re going to be costly and hard to get a hold of, just like an MVP trophy. Sure, LeBron gets ‘em all the time, but us normal people won’t ever have a chance.

Detailed photos after the jump.

And these are LeBron’s second half shoes, the Nike LeBron 9 Elite. Also note George Hill in the background wearing LeBron’s shoes. Whoops.

(via Sole Collector)