When you are both the Most Valuable Player of a major sports league and the Most Valuable Endorser of a major shoe company, you’re going to get special shoes when you take home a trophy. We’ve seen it in the past and that’s just how it works. Strike while the iron is hot and all that. Yesterday, LeBron James and Nike struck while the iron was super duper skin-melty hot, lacing LBJ with a special edition of his LeBron 9 kicks for Game 1 of the Heat’s second round series with the Indiana Pacers.

As you can see in the pictures after the jump, there are a bunch of little MVP-y flourishes to these sneakers. You’ve got the fancy diamondish MVP plate on the back, some very cool nods to LeBron’s other MVPs in the shoe’s liner and a faded colorway we’ve never seen on this shoe. Pretty cool look, says me.

Peculiarly, however, is that LeBron only wore these for the first half of yesterday’s game, switching to the LeBron 9 Elite in the second half. I guess he prefers the updated technologies and tougher shoe he gets from his playoffs kicks to flossing another MVP trophy which he says means nothing if the Heat don’t win the title. Suit yourself, but I like the pop LeBron gets from the MVP shoe. Very flashy, which is perfect for Miami.

Rumor has it that a limited number of these MVP kicks are going to hit retail, though no release details are available. Let’s just assume they’re going to be costly and hard to get a hold of, just like an MVP trophy. Sure, LeBron gets ‘em all the time, but us normal people won’t ever have a chance.

Detailed photos after the jump.

And these are LeBron’s second half shoes, the Nike LeBron 9 Elite. Also note George Hill in the background wearing LeBron’s shoes. Whoops.

(via Sole Collector)

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  1. As he said he was humbled by it all.

  2. Even his shoes cant make it to the fourth quarter.

  3. Somebody was actually trying to argue with me that not only should LeBron not have won the MVP(which I can understand, you can make a case for other players, even if it isn’t that strong), but that LeBron didn’t belong in the top 5 of the voting. He tried telling me that KD, CP3, Rondo, Parker, Josh Smith and Kobe all deserved the award more than him. I mean at some point you should just have your priveledge of watching basketball revoked.

    • I would love to hear the argument for Josh Smith over Bron for MVP.

      • He argued that take Josh Smith away from the Hawks and the win differential would be more significant than if you took LeBron away from the Heat….Not only is that absurd but I countered with the fact that Wade missed 17 games and if LeBron wasn’t on the team it became a joke and would probably win 2 games max over that span…He had no counter. I can’t believe I even wasted time arguing with him, but I was bored at a family function and needed something to keep me occupied. I seriously don’t think he watches that much basketball.

        • Mike, that is hilarious…Josh Smith?? Haters just say stupid things to try and get under our skin…at some point just gotta ignore them I guess

      • skeets must have some as well…

    • riveting tale chap

  4. I want to see Artest wearing these, but saying MWP instead of MVP

  5. Sponsored by McDonald’s ??

  6. They should say “MVF” for Most Valuable Flopper and fall over dramatically if you pass within 3 feet of them.

    • Nah, gotta go with CP3 on that one man. LeBron (at times I would think) needs to be a bit theatrical with his reactions because I really don’t think he feels contact at all. He’s got ridiculous strength to fight through all kinds of contact, but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t getting fouled. If you don’t look like you got hit, refs won’t think that you did. CP3 just takes things to a whole new level though. He’s got the facial expressions, the shout, the wide eyes, the arms flailing. The whole package. Sergio Busquets worthy.

  7. LeBron is king and this video proves it!


    Be careful, Indiana cause you don’t want to mess with the King, especially in his castle!

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