Ballin: 32 points, 15 rebounds and five assists for LeBron James, which is somewhat surprisingly his first 30-15 game in the playoffs. Not that it’s easy to post a 30-15, but LeBron kind of has a knack for notching huge statistical achievements like that. Decent game.

Not so much: If the Pacers are going to have any chance in this series, their leading scorer can’t have more missed shots than points. Sorry, Danny Granger, but seven points on 1-10 shooting just isn’t going to cut it.

Get back: It’s a little sad how easy Dwyane Wade and LeBron James make halfcourt alley-oops look.

I like the shot that’s isolated on LeBron, where he easily outruns four Indiana Pacers who are like, “Whoops, forgot to check the guy who just won the MVP and is known for destroying teams on fast breaks.” Maybe pick him up a bit earlier, guys.

Preying mantis: I know he was hurt on the play — and we’re still awaiting news on how long he’ll be out, but there are warnings he could miss this entire series — but when Chris Bosh was kneeling on the floor trying to figure what was up with his abdominal strain, he looked like either a) a newborn deer finding its place in the world, b) a bearded dragon stretching or c) a preying mantis. No offense.

Save it: Blake Griffin has found a pretty cool way to warm up for Game 7s.

Considering Blake Griffin is undefeated in Game 7s, it stands to reason that every NBA player should throw down two-handed, backwards-spinning 360s in pregame warmups. This is way better than stretching.

Stand up: Shoutout to the Los Angeles Clippers bench — in particular Kenyon Martin, Nick Young and Eric Bledsoe — for basically winning Game 7. On the day, the bench tied the starters 41-41 and went on a 16-5 run to start the fourth quarter. Outstanding performance.

Chasedown city: Sometimes I think the Miami Heat like to let fast breaks happen, just so they can get chasedown blocks.

Maybe grow another two inches, Paul George.

Weird: During yesterday’s Game 7, Lionel Hollins was featured on the “Wired” segment, giving us a look inside a Grizzlies huddle. He told his team an anecdote, about a college friend who used to say “Pressure busts pipes,” which seemed like a way to say that pressuring the Clippers would make them mess up. However, he immediately followed this up by telling his team that there’s no pressure on them and to just play basketball. That’s when I had no idea what he was trying to say.

Other things: Here’s a pretty impressive look at how good LeBron James and Dwyane Wade were in the second half of yesterday’s game … Jordan Hill is going to smell terrible and get ringworm … Jeremy Lin is a party rocker who is in the house tonight … Nick Young at a press conference, rocking sunglasses and wishing his mom a happy Mother’s Day … Kendrick Perkins is getting healthier, which is good

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  1. It is oddly fitting that Hollins would talk about busting pipes in a Clippers-Grizzlies game. A few seasons ago, the Clippers were visiting the Grizzlies with a chance to move up to .500 for the first time on the season. They were somehow up by 15 points in the 4th quarter with Kaman and Camby both injured, when the emergency alarms went off and the entire arena had to evacuate. When the teams returned to finish the game half an hour later, the Clippers lost all momentum, and the Grizzlies stormed back to win. What led to the evacuation? A water pipe had burst in the arena. The Clippers season fell apart after that game, which is still known to Clipper fans as the Water Pipe Game.

  2. So, making fun of Blake Griffin for being hurt isn’t okay, but making fun of Bosh is ?
    I kinda fail to see the logic, there….

    • Don’t think it’s really OK either way…but it’s different when a blogger does it after the fact, and when 20,000 fans are booing you while it’s happening

    • Also, this is making fun of something that was an observation related to the injury–particularly, his pose was kind of funny. With Griffin, it was a lot more “he’s a flopper, he’s just faking as usual,” or “he’s a flopper, so he deserves to get hurt.”

    • Yeah, I’m not making fun of him for being hurt. I’m just saying the pose was weird.

  3. I think Hollins meant that pressure is just something that bursts pipes, not something that ball players should be subject. They should just go out there and have fun, there’s no pressure on them. At least that’s what I hope he meant…

  4. I’m not proud of this, since I think Chris Bosh gets an undeserved amount of ridicule, but the first thing I thought when he went down like that was “Boshtrich, trying to put his head in the sand.”

  5. I love that pipes bursting story. Great job on remembering that one. I’m willing to bet that you are a Clippers fan since that really seemed to stick with you. Bosh out gives the Pacers some hope, since the Heat aren’t exactly the deepest team in the league, but I feel they gave up any real chance in the series when they blew that lead in Game 1. You can’t be giving away games like that when you are an underdog. Same goes for the Sixers against the Celtics. I still think this Sixers team can give the Celtics fits especially if PP is playing banged up. I thought the move of putting ET on Rondo was very interesting. Haven’t yet got a chance to listen to the podcast so I don’t know if it was discussed on that. Any thoughts?

  6. Here’s video of the evacuation from that game.

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