Obviously this guy is going to get a Scottie Pippen tattoo on his left scapula to complete the look — and obviously he is a fan of 1990s sports as he is paying tribute to Darryl Talley with his spiderweb tattoo — but you should see his chest. That’s where the Bill Wennington and Luc Longley portraits are. The chest hair integrates really well with Bill’s beard.

Also, I heard he’s getting a tiny Jack Haley tattoo on his shoulder, just to make sure the Dennis Rodman tattoo stays in line. Oh, and he’s having a tough time deciding if he wants to get a Brian Williams tattoo or a Bison Dele tattoo. Tough choice.

I can write second three-peat Bulls tattoo jokes all day, if you want. Just let me know.

(via I Am a GM)

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  1. “I can write second three-peat Bulls tattoo jokes all day, if you want. Just let me know”

    Yes., please.

    Thanks for showing us your tattoo ,TK.,. I like the Bill Wennington beard idea. Toni Kukoc can be on there somewhere playing golf. (maybe armpit like sandpit.?) I heard he does 36 holes a day everyday.

  2. So how many years did MJ play for this “Bull” team, this guy is paying tribute to?

  3. Go ahead Trey, I wouldn’t mind a few more second three-peat Bulls tattoo jokes.

    Thanks Irma, I’ve been looking for that Kindle Fire…it would have been really hard to find without the spammy link you provided.

  4. wowsers thanks for reminding me that i reaaally really hated brian williams back when. totally forgot about that guy.

    • But you liked bison dele right? I always thought deron williams look a little like him… R.I.P. bison dele.

      • whoa he died?!? just checked that out, i didn’t even know that! damn that means that i just insulted a (presumably) dead man… yikes

  5. slow news day, so trey decided to write about his own tattoos

  6. Am I the only one who thinks Dennis Rodman looks like he’s going to unleash some sick Chuck Norris style karate kick to MJ?

  7. is it me or does jordan´s face look … inflated?
    i don´t won´t to focus on details, but if you gonna have somebodies face tattooed on your back for the rest of your life – make sure his face looks like the original

  8. Though I did love his tough defense for the Bulls, I have an idea where a Randy Brown tattoo may reside, if you get my drift…

  9. all he needs is a Bill Wennington tat in the background to top it off.

  10. I think I know this guy!

  11. For those who think that the “Bull” is an error.

    Google image “The last shot Michael Jordan”


    • Not gonna lie, I’m a fan of the tatt as much as Jordan ripped out my heart as a Knicks fan. I remember saying back when I was 18 that I was gonna get a banner tattooed on my back for every title my teams win from that point on. I’m a Knicks/Jets/Mets fan. I have no tattos on my back.

  12. BJ Armstrong on one thigh and Craig Hodges on the other? Inquiring minds want to know.

  13. You cockheads are on fire with the Bulls jokes

  14. Where’s Pippen?

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