Ep. 822: What Rust?

On today’s playoff edition of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas breakdown Monday’s games: Thunder-Lakers and Celtics-Sixers. Topics discussed include: OKC jumpers, LA’s lazy pick-and-roll defense, turnovers, World Peace boos, match-up nightmares, Perk’s impact, Iggy vs. Pierce, KG’s moving screen, Bradley’s shoulder, Lavoy’s contributions, and why Rondo is the anti-Westbrook. All that, plus the best post-game outfits to date.

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Comments (8)

  1. no racism here but has anyone else noticed that all the most inproved players of the year nominees were white LOL- ryan anderson, nikola pec, illyasova, dragic and the asian J-Lin, just curious why that is. again im white and just think this is funny

  2. This Wade picture behind Tas… he’s looking like a silky, sad, blown up Mr. Miyagi

  3. No mention of Rivers telling Rondo to use the foul to give when there was still time between shot and time clocks. In essence that foul to give reset the shot clock to 14 and then forced them to foul Evans to get the ball back or Philly just could have ran out the clock. I think that play was the real turning point of the game and a huge mistake by the Celtic coaching crew.

  4. Please tell Skeets that I would indeed like to hear more about his lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

  5. am I the only one having problems with downloading in iTunes? it crashes my iTunes and it happpens only with tbj, I download other podcast withour problems… sometime I manage to download, but only after 5-10 minutes waiting…

    please fix it guys, I am starting every morning with you when driving to work…

  6. The “hipster” look that NBA players are going for looks ridicuous. Seems like a try hard look to me. The glasses, bow tie, loud shirts…..douche bag look if you ask me.

  7. Couldn’t agree more about Rondo. He can be really frustrating. He often times passes up good scoring chances. He did it all season and multiple times in the last round.

    Equally infuriating is that he’s terrified to go to the line. Obviously he’s bad there. But, he could earn more and-1 chances and there are times when him getting there is the best option even if he’s only going to hit one.

    Great example was in game 6 against Atlanta. Tight game down the stretch – in the fourth he’s in the air and commits and up-and-down rather than getting fouled. He literally traveled and turned it over instead of opting to get fouled and shoot free throws.

    He’s a great player and I love him but he really can be maddening at times.

    Ryan Hollins should not play. He’s terrible. Especially in the third when Avery was out and Dooling and Pietrus were the guards – Hollins should not have been out there with them. I think the players were guilty of coasting during the middle part of this game and I think Doc was as well.

  8. Also – no question the illegal screen was the correct call. as you guys mentioned, KG even said in his post-game interview that Crawford had warned him about the screens and using the elbows.

    BUT – it’s not like they were calling this thing tight. In particular – I remember Garnett very clearly getting grabbed on the back of his jersey as he went up for a shot (I think by Hawed – but could have been Brand or Allen). VERY noticeable. Crawford was looking right at it. Webber mentioned it. They didn’t call that.

    I’m not saying the officiating was slanted. I’m also not blaming it because the Celtics shouldn’t have put themselves in that position and could have prevented it a million different ways. I’m just petty so I have to mention that play because its burned in my memory.

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