The Shaquille O’Neal experiment on “Inside the NBA” has been a bit of a mixed bag. On one hand, sometimes Shaq does really stupid stuff that is unintentionally funny, so that is OK and pretty nice for the internet. On the other hand, he basically just tries to take things off-topic, rarely makes actual basketball points and almost always mumbles. So maybe the bag hasn’t been that mixed. More like it is a bag of Gardetto’s that has already been picked through and all that is left is really dry pretzels, but sometimes you luck out and find a rye chip that someone skipped over. This is a perfect analogy.

Last night, however, was a bit different. As you can see up top, Shaq pretty much just made up some “facts” about the time he took the Orlando Magic to the NBA Finals in 1995. Almost immediately, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley called him out for being wrong. Then, Houston’s Sports 790 handled the rest.

Exactly how wrong was Shaq – Let’s find out…

– Unless Shaq was taking a veiled shot at the Pacers – the Magic beat Jordan’s Bulls in 6 games in the Eastern semis in a series that ended May 18th. They then played a 7 game series with the Pacers, obviously winning 4 games to 3. That series ended on a Sunday (June 4th) in Orlando, they started their finals series with Houston that Wednesday, June 7th. That’s two, count ‘em two, off days.

– Shaq claimed they beat the Rockets 3 straight times. He must be talking about the regular season, since Orlando has never beaten Houston in the playoffs … ever. But even in the regular season, that statement is still bogus. They obviously didn’t play 3 times during the regular season, but the Magic did win both games that season. However, they didn’t win the final game between them the previous season, so even that is off base.

Even if Shaq was trying to zing the Pacers — which he wasn’t, as he reiterated later in the show that the Magic had 17 off days between games — the Magic would have had 20 days off after beating the Bulls in the second round (which Shaq said was the Eastern Conference finals). Not only was the basis of his argument completely imaginary, he botched the numbers that he imagined. The guy can’t even get his made-up stats right.

Other than that, pretty strong argument that’s zero percent based in fact. I mean, if your team sweeping a regular season series — which was two games and not three, no big D — and then getting beat 4-0 doesn’t prove that your team was the best, then I don’t know what does. Shaq also probably thinks he beat Hakeem Olajuwon one-on-one after the Finals.

This just goes to show that you’ve got to be careful when you’re rewriting history sitting a man away from a guy who actually knows what happened. If we let Shaq have his way, he’d be a 19-time champion who taught Rakim how to rap and taught the world that a leather vest with no shirt underneath is the epitome of men’s style. Good thing Kenny and Charles are around to set him straight.

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  1. It doesn’t matter that Shaq won twice as many rings as Hakeem. Hakeem will always be greater than Shaq.

    And Shaq really needs to leave Inside the NBA. The guy is terrible.

  2. Any chance TNT has an amnesty they can use on Shaq?

  3. This. So many times. I just want to redirect everyone’s attention to the time Shaq claimed he was only dunked on two times in his entire NBA career. This statement is so insanely, obviously untrue that it’s probably not even that hard to disprove (I don’t care to spend the time, but maybe someone else on the internet does). It’s just typical of the kind of insane statements Shaq makes every time he is on TV. I was excited about the Shaq signing, but I think we can all agree it has been a terrible failure.

  4. Clearly this is a deeper issue than Shaq making up stats. Maybe, just maybe, he has been the victim of numerous concussions. It might time the NBA came out and admitted that they have a problem with head trauma, just like the NHL and NFL.

  5. We have been talking about how hilariously turrible Shaq is all season. That’s exactly what TNT wants – people talking about the show.

  6. I can’t even watch Inside this year. Shaq has killed it for me. He is a chemistry killing self-promoting unintelligible petty bully and a bozo who seems to be mostly concerned with entertaining himself. He is like an antimatter equivalent of an analyst.

  7. Who didn’t already know that Shaq lives in his own alternate reality?

  8. I for one was never excited in any way when Shaq was announced to be joining TNT. For every funny Shaq soundbite there has been throughout his career there are 100 times when he either makes no sense or mumbles his way through an interview. And even in the instances where he was actually funny, it was always self promotion. He is not able to poke fun at himself or allow others to do so the way Chuck is able to. It’s part of what makes Chuck so awesome.

    • That’s because no matter how big or skilled a basketball player he was, the guy is still a child struggling to fit in. He fakes self-confidence a lot.
      That’s pretty sad, actually, considering he has achieved what a lot of people would call “success”.

  9. I think I have the complete opposite view on the big fella. I thought it was doomed from the start, and it definitely looked that way at first. In the past month or so he is starting to get that he isn’t going to be the Center of attention. He doesn’t try to dominate EVERY convo anymore.. I think his personality is so unique and has the potential for so many classics that it would be a crime to cut the cord.

  10. Shaq’s been ok, Sometimes really funny, sometimes unbearable. I personally really liked Chris Webber and would like to see him instead of Shaq.
    And speaking of mumbling, Am I the only one who wishes Charles Barkley could pronounce better?

    • I agree, C-Webb fit in fine with Barkley, Kenny, and EJ. Trade him back to TNT and send Shaq to NBA TV.

      I don’t hate Shaq, he seems like a decent guy, for a pro athlete. But he ruins the chemistry on that show.

    • If you took away Charles *turrible* pronunciation I think you’d take away a lot of his charm.

  11. Bill Simmons was quite prescient in his basketball book from a few years ago, calling out sports networks hiring completely incompetent ex-athletes to be analysts and wondering if one of them will eventually make the huge mistake of getting Shaq.

    But seriously, GET HIM OF THAT SHOW!!

  12. Wait, you mean Shaq didn’t teach Rakim to rap?

  13. Seeing Shaq on this show has really shown us just how great Chuck is as an analyst.

  14. “I’m just sayin’, I’m just sayin’…”

  15. Everybody has love for charles barkley… but no love for shaq?
    maybe you weren’t around to witness the enigma of shaq-fu, shaq making records with wu-tang+krs-one+icecube, the rims shattering, the career of a straight O.G.

    Shaq has a strong personality and I value his opinion in the half time cypher. I’d rather see him than reggie miller, ernie, etc.

    NBA has made some terrible decisions for commentators/broadcast teams (jeff van gundy) but Shaquille needs to be ahead of some of these other clowns.

    regardless of all that though= chuck swirski is still at the top of the list.

  16. Shaq has ruined this otherwise entertaining and informative part of the show. It seems that he thinks he is funny when he is not and I don’t like the way he insults Charles. Charles is genuinely funny person while Shaq is just rude and idiotic at times. I hope they drop him from she show as he undermines the rest of the team especially Charles who doesn’t always talk because of Shaq taking over the show.

  17. Hey is this where I can line up for the “Bring back C-Webb” train?

  18. Ironically, for all the “most prolific MF scorer” rhetoric that this guy tosses, Shaq is so afraid to take a side on most of the topics EJ dishes out. Ergo vis a vis therefore hence, he provides absolutely no substantial analysis whatsoever. That, and his self-promoting sense of humor doesn’t seem to mesh with the set.

    I really wish Shaq would just go into hiding.

  19. I think I speak for all of us when I say I hope the Chuckster beats Shaq in the shirt-off. (Cheering for a Dude vs another Dude in a ‘shirt-off’?! Yup, desperate times call for desperate measures. Shaq is just the worst.)

  20. Thumbs up to that :)

  21. I agree with everyone that said Chris Webber is a way better broadcaster. He is amazing calling games and quite insightful. The only issue with him is that he was too insightful and informative for ‘Inside’ because his cast mates have clearly established the show as being more about clowning around and acting like you know what you’re talking about than actually having something important to say.

  22. Can anyone here please start a blog or a site about it? about firing Shaq from TNT. it will surely get the following. Can’t even watch the show now. Shaq has ruined it for me also. And hearing “Yak! Yak!” is definitely bad for your health. :)

  23. Don’t see why they think they need a 4 man show. Spreads the screen time too thin for worthwhile analysis and has the guys stepping on each other. Drop Shaq, go back to a 3 man team and occasionally drop in a guest to mix things up (but not all the time).

  24. So based on the above evidence he has all the skills to be running an NBA franchise?

  25. LeBron is king and this video proves it!

    Be careful, Indiana cause you don’t want to mess with the King, especially in his castle!

  26. Shaq could never be any worse than listening to Kenny suck up the major media market teams…

    • Shaq is horrible. The man always brings it back to himself, my guess is he is dealing with a small member for a big man that is why his always praising himself. Deeply insecure in himself.

  27. Shaq is an egocentric person AND most of the time does NOT provides good arguments. But I think that his main problem is his terrible tone of voice. he needs to speak louder and clearer. plain simple.

  28. I totally Agree with the Writer. Shaq has almost ZERO analytical ability. He never has anything to say when on TNT. He just sits there quiet while Kenny and Charles argue with original analytical toughts. SHAQ SUCKS! TNT NEEDS TO FIRE HIS DUMB ASS!

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