There is nothing that could better encapsulate the difference between Metta World Peace and Dwyane Wade is comparing the magazines that they appear in. (People probably don’t compare these two guys very often, I admit, but let’s just go with it.) MWP ends up on the cover of Lowrider Magazine with some lady’s butt right next to his face, Dwyane Wade is in the pages of Vogue, shooting a jumper with his shirt off while some model sits on a hoop and watches. These photos very much explain these two guys’ aesthetics better than any words ever could.

So now comes your task. Down in the comments, let’s hear what you guys think is the better look. Is it Dwyane Wade’s sophisticated approach to a shirtless basketball photoshoot or is it Metta World Peace’s grimy, booty-poppin’ Lowrider cover that takes me back to sixth grade? This choice says as much about you as it does these guys, so choose wisely.

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  1. neither….they both suck…although Ron Artest’s sucks more….

  2. For the first time ever, World Peace is doing something normal when compared to what someone else is doing.

  3. The more ladies the merrier…

  4. Block out the goofy fairy lady perched stupidly on the hoop and DWade wins hands down.

  5. I would say MWP’s is better because Wade isn’t shooting at anything, but the obvious nod to the Hip Hop Hooray video saves it:

  6. You gotta go with World Peace on this one. While there is no doubt in my mind that the girl sitting on the hoop, for what I’m sure is a very good reason, is more attractive than any of the “models” on World Peace’s cover, she’s just not prominent enough – and I have no preference between looking at some sleeveless shirt guy or some ripped guy shooting a jumper into nothingness.

    The allure of grimy smut wins this round. …unfortunately.

  7. In my head, I read Girls with an australian accent :D

  8. Wade’s shooting form in that picture is really bothering me. It would look better if he was doing a finger roll. I also don’t like high heels on a basketball court, never mind the blatant basket interference.

    In conclusion, MWP’s photo features more female boobies than male boobies, so it’s superior. I’m also very impressed with MWP’s complexion, though I sense a photoshop controversy just waiting to emerge.

  9. Dwade needs to hit the gym.

  10. Damn, D-Wade really let himself go. No wonder he’s playin he’s 35.

  11. After last night’s game, I’m not sure their is as much of a gap in MWP and Wade. They are both throwing bows like Luda.

  12. Metta just looks so happy!

  13. MWP baby!!! Go Lakes! Lowrider Magazine #1

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