Remember Russell Westbrook’s “Sally Jesse Raphael meets Cabela’s” look from last night? Sure you do, it’s right there.

Now that we’re all on the same internet web page, let’s talk about that look. Or better yet, let’s let Russell Westbrook talk about that look. He’s the one who knows the most about it, since he’s the one who paid for it. Oklahoma City reporters asked him all about it today, and thankfully, Daily Thunder was on hand to capture his comments.

Your wardrobe last night drew national attention. I loved the glasses. Where’d you come up with that style?

I’ve been wearing glasses all season. I think last night was probably just the night they finally seen it.

Now why no lenses in the frames?

I see better without ‘em.

So why wear ‘em at all then? Just a fashion statement?

There you go.

Where’d you get the idea?

I’ve been knowing how to dress for a while.

Why the “Gone Fishing” shirt?

I just saw the shirt and I got it from Lacoste. According to Barkley I got it from TJ Maxx, but I got it from the Lacoste store. You know, I saw it and I liked it.

OK, obviously “I see better without ‘em” with regards to his lenseless glasses is the money quote here, but “I’ve been knowing how to dress for a while” is a strong second place. It’s impossible to top a guy admitting he is wearing glasses without lenses because he thinks they look awesome, but I appreciate Westbrook giving it a shot.

Not to mention, you have to appreciate a guy who confidently picks out a shirt he likes, buttons it all the way up to his neck and then just nonchalantly tosses off an “I’ve been knowing how to dress for a while” like he’s not wearing a shirt our moms would buy for us when we were six. That’s bold. This is the pull-up jumper with 20 seconds left on the shot clock and Kevin Durant wide-open of explaining clothing decisions. It’s like he thinks he’s Kanye West or something.

But hey, if you’re part of only the second duo in NBA history to each go for 25 or more points in less than 30 minutes during a playoff game, then you can wear whatever you want. Might I suggest this for Game 2?