Ballin: 27 points, nine assists, seven rebounds, two steals and a single, measly turnover for Russell Westbrook. He also only took 15 shots, one less than Kevin Durant, which is good from a PR standpoint. As we all know, if he’d taken more shots than KD, he’s poisonous for the Thunder, their locker room and their championship hopes.

Not so much: At no point in the second half were the Lakers closer than 17 points behind the Thunder. Going a bit further, from the 10:42 mark of the third quarter on, the Thunder led by at least 22 points. Other than that, pretty close game that was definitely worth staying up for.

Set it and forget it: It’s not every day you see a playoff team lose a game because of a moving screen.

Despite what the “Inside the NBA” staff might tell you, this was absolutely the right call. You can say that you should “let the players decide the game” all you want, but the leaning out and holding Andre Iguodala part of that pick is even more egregious than your standard Kevin Garnett moving screen. If KG doesn’t do that, the refs definitely let him get away with all the stuff before it.

Threes fest: This was an amazing sequence, like something out of a bad basketball movie.

And this: The fact that that sequence was followed by this play was pretty chill.

If I were naming this shot, I’d probably call it “the floopty floop.” Your suggestions?

Consult needed: Jordan Hill keeps switching up his braids/headband combinations and it’s really throwing me off. It’s like he can’t decide if he wants to be Trail Blazers Brian Grant or Miami Heat Brian Grant. Just pick a look, man.

For instance: If he were to pick a look, he could be just as cool as Russell Westbrook, whose postgame interview outfit went viral instantly.

If you want Russell Westbrook’s chill time summer shirt, you can buy it right here. If you want his glasses, just get invited to a local high school prom, get a pair of the cheap shades they give away, then pop out the lenses. Voila, you’re Russell Westbrook.

Smart: Relax, Devin Ebanks. There’s no reason to be popping your shirt off after getting ejected. You only played four minutes. You’re not even sweaty. Cool it.

Other things: For some reason, every video of Mike Brown’s post game press conference edits out him burping. I need to hear that burp … The Thunder shot so well last night (53 percent), that even their mascot made an over-the-head half-courter last night … Just so you know, JaVale McGee bought some baby platypuses … Haha, Metta World Piece of Crap … Kendrick Perkins reaggravated his groin injury and is now considered day-to-day

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  1. Holy shirt that Russel Westbrook T is 110 POUNDS?!? That’s almost 200 dollars! And it’s only cotton!!!


  2. That KG moving screen was brutal. In my NBA review this morning I compared to watching a kid steal candy all day, him knowing you saw him steal it, then at the end of the withou warning you get up and smack the kid. How was he supposed to see it coming? He thought you were fine with it. Just a brutal call to decide the game.

    • it was the right call

      • Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it was the wrong call, I think it should have been made for the first 47 minutes. KG was pulling that crap all game. Just like you should have told said child that he shouldn’t be stealing candy the first time he took it. At one point if I’m correct C-Webb even said that KG made a good moving screen and I remember yelling at my tv, that there should be no moving screen

        • From the link:

          “Without wearing leprechaun leggings, the rational fan admits a foul is a foul, regardless of the situation. After all, referee Dan Crawford had already warned Garnett about his screen-setting earlier in the game.”

          He knew he was taking a risk, and he still took it. Them’s the breaks.

  3. Rivers telling Rondo to use that foul to give at the end is what lost the celts the game. They D up they have the ball down one with 10s to go. I don’t know why everyone is missing that play. Rivers fucked up.

  4. That was one of the worst screens I have seen. Absolutely the right call.

  5. wow that announcer is biased….of course that was an illegal screen. I don’t know of KG has set a legitimate one his entire career.

  6. “Floopty floop” is what Bill Cosby would call that Evan Turner layup.

    Let’s get Bill Cosby doing colour.

    “KO-be BRY-ant goes in, with the, when he goes bouncing the ball and his back to the player, so he does the spinning and jumping to SHOOT the ball – and into the hoop it goes.”

  7. ..Where did McGee get those Platypus?

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