I believe the children are our future, like a bunch of miniature JaVale McGees. If we teach them well, let them lead the way and show them all the beauty they possess inside — and maybe, just maybe, give them a sense of pride to make it easier — then the children’s laughter can remind us how we used to be.

But if those stupid kids tell us we had a good game when we didn’t, we have to set them straight. Chris Paul knows what I’m talking about. From the AP:

“Good game, Daddy,” [Chris] Paul’s young son told this father in the locker room.

“No, bad game,” Paul answered. “Daddy had a bad game. Daddy couldn’t make a shot.”

And just like that, Chris Paul II got a crash course on what it takes to be the best point guard in the NBA, which is what I assume he will be 20 years from now, thanks to a combination of good genes and strict parenting that isn’t going to let a 3-13 night slide.

Sorry Chris Paul’s son, but this is the playoffs. There’s no time for empty compliments, even if you are only two years old. The postseason is serious business. When your father has a bad game, just tell him, “Make a shot already, Dad. You’re tarnishing our good name” and then punch him in the groin. He’ll appreciate it more than you can even imagine.