Out of all the good stuff in Chris Ballard’s really great piece about getting to know Tim Duncan, this is BY FAR my favorite part. From Sports Illustrated:

O.K., it’s a toss-up as to how this will make you feel about Duncan: Did he once invite a bunch of teammates to a paintball course even though most had never played paintball? Perhaps. Did Duncan then stack his team with ringers and bring his own high-powered paintball gun? Maybe. Did he give certain players such as Danny Ferry guns that, according to Ferry, “were bent and shot six feet to the left every time”? There’s a chance. And did Duncan then take great delight in hunting down his teammates, chasing the pale, balding, shorts-wearing Ferry until he was in close range, at which point Duncan unleashed a hail of water-soluble hellfire upon the man? It’s possible.

Just in case you guys ever get the chance to play paintball with Tim Duncan, just remember to a) practice beforehand b) wear something somewhat more protective than shorts and c) bring your own gun. Otherwise, you’re ending up with several welts on your behind, courtesy of Tim Duncan and his shady tactics.

Oh, and don’t play paintball with Stephen Jackson either, but you already knew that. He’s way too good.

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  1. People don’t realize that Duncan is a very competitive person. There are stories of him playing video games for the first time, losing, then buying the game and practicing so he can challenge same teammate to a rematch and kick their ass.

    But Tim probably did the paint ball thing just to mess with Ferry more than actually beat him.

  2. Yep. This is pretty much the greatest anecdote of all time.

    You’d think he would struggle with paintball as he’s a gigantic target. I guess that’s where the bent/broken guns he gives out come in to play.

    • I dunno. Bigfoot is pretty tall and no one can even get a clear picture of him, much less shoot him. That’s a pretty clear picture of Tim Duncan.

  3. If Tim Duncan’s paintball skills are half as great as his footwork, he’s no easy target.

  4. those old ACC rivalries never die

  5. Gilbert Arenas would be a great paintball player :D

  6. Gilbert Arenas would be a great paintball player :D

  7. that SI article made me a duncan fan

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