Dwyane Wade, last night in postgame interviews:

“I heard they wanted to be like the Dallas Mavericks, in a sense,” Wade said about an apparent reference to Pacers coach Frank Vogel using last year’s Mavs team, which beat the Heat in Miami for the title, as motivation for Indiana. “I saw their little celebration at the end of (Game 2). I don’t know if they didn’t expect to win, but every night we go out on the court, we expect to win.”

Wade then was asked about the celebration, but didn’t elaborate on what specifically irritated him.

“They say their identity, they say they want to be like Dallas,” Wade said. “So they celebrated like Dallas, I guess.”

Dwyane Wade on March 10, 2012:

Dwyane Wade, following Game 2 of the 2011 NBA Finals:

“A celebration is confetti, champagne bottles. That was no celebration,” he said. “It was a shot made going into a timeout. Every team does something. That’s the game. If it pumped them up — they won the game. Obviously it did something.”

Just to help you keep things straight so you don’t embarrass yourself with an uncouth celebration, I’ve made a simple flow chart for when it is OK to celebrate after an NBA game, according to Dwyane Wade.

I know it’s confusing, but when you see it in a chart like this, it’s pretty simple. Good looking out, Dwyane Wade.

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  1. I’m so glad someone called him out on this. His little celebration in the finals was the first thing I thought about after I heard his post game comments about the Pacers.

    What a sore loser. If you got a reason to be mad, get mad, but don’t passive aggressively sneak in comments about them celebrating because your all butthurt.

  2. Also, wasn’t it kind of foolish to celebrate not 4, not 5, not 6… championships before you had even played a game?

    Huh? Dwayne? Oh you forgot? Okay.

  3. ha! Yea I think stealing home court advantage from the Wonder Twins is worth that celebration…get burnt, “Flash”.

  4. Where does crying in the locker room fit on your chart?

  5. don’t forget offseason, in-uniform contract signing celebrations

  6. I’m sure he’d hate on a player from another team posing in a future issue of Vogue as well.

  7. nice diagram, but “Dwyane Wade’s guide to NBA celeBAtions”?

  8. exactly when does Wade start getting the “dirty player” label. as far as im concerned, it cant come quick enough.

    • I wish wade had picked a large player to take his revenge foul on. But as far as Wade being dirty its going to be hard to assign that label because no other guard in the league takes as much body contact while trying to score besides Lebron maybe.

      • It’s true. The biggest play in last year’s Heat-Celtics series was when Wade destroyed Rondo’s arm. Alot of people thought that both Rondo and Wade were at fault here, but if you watch it it breaks down really simply : Wade plays rough (good) and dirty (good if you’re a fan of his). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=he4OY6gJNX4&t=0m43s

        Rondo pokes the ball away from Wade, who then boxes Rondo out to keep him from getting the steal. They get tangled up, and then Wade hooks Rondo’s right arm and pulls him to the ground, like a wrestling move. Rondo hyper extends his arm bracing from the collision.

        The first part is Artest-level tough. The second part is Artest level dirty.

      • Did you mean “takes as much” or FAKES as much body contact?!?!

      • Are you kidding me? I agree with the other commenter in that you meant FAKES as much. He falls just for the sake of falling these days. You need to watch some flop city videos on youtube or just watch the friggin’ games and replays to see Wade barely and rarely gets touched.

  9. Honestly, you can hardly even that a celebration by the Pacers.

  10. To be fair, that WAS a totally outlandish and over the top celebration by the Pacers. I mean, COME ON! That one guy looked pretty excited, the other guy jumped up and down one time, and that third guy told them to come to the locker room. So ridiculous. Class it up, Pacers.

    • To be fair, the Wade Flagrant 1 on Darren Collison was pretty classless. To be fair, if anyone understand excessive celebrations, it’s the Heat.

      In defense of the female gender: This comment from Christine deserves a Paul Silas facepalm.

      • Christine was actually just being sarcastic. I think your comment deserves the Facepalm! Get a sense of humor!

  11. Classic example of the media saying whatever they want to say about anything they want. If you can’t just accept everything that the BFF say, do, think, react to, fake reaction to, or judge upon others – if you can’t just take this all at face value, then please stop watching them. They’re not here for your entertainment.

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