On today’s playoff edition of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas breakdown Tuesday’s games: Pacers-Heat and Clippers-Spurs. Topics discussed include: the Heat’s final play, Wade’s comments regarding the Pacers post-game “celebration,” whether D-Wade should be suspended for tackling Collison, The Bosh Effect, the Spurs pick-and-roll D, Eric Bledsoe’s great game, “GM of the Year” R.C. Buford, and what the Clippers need to do to make this a series. All that, plus Sebastian Ellis, Jimmy Goldstein, KevCops, and more.

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Comments (14)

  1. By the way, Windhorst tweets that the league will not upgrade the foul, or punish Wade for his hit on Collison. WHAT A SURPRISE!

    • While it’s his fault for committing the fouls, it’s not his fault that he gets away with them. The league is not very subtle about its star treatment. Still, I like him and most of the other “stars” a little bit less every time they get away with a cheap shot or a generous foul call.

      Suck a cock, NBA brass…

    • What a fucking joke!

      WWW = Wade is Wanker of the Week!

      Hopefully, he’ll maintain his performance to secure Wanker of the Playoffs.

    • I expect nothing less from David Stern’s NBA.

    • Bad decision. By not punishing Wade they invite retaliation. If Wade had been on the receiving end of a body check from behind on a breakaway a suspension would obviously happen. The double standard angers fans and hopefully angers role players.

  2. when are people gonna realize dwyane wade is a worse person than lebron

    • Wade is a competitor, and that pretty much means he’s a sore loser. Jordan was the ultimate competitor, and almost everyone is in agreement that he was an asshole. Being a great player doesn’t make you a great person, just remember that.

      • I don’t recall Jordan ever forearm shiver-ing a smaller player into the 3rd row to retalliate for not getting a call on the other end… that has nothing to do with competition and everything to do with being a prick.

      • Two word response: Tim Duncan

        During the Spurs Clips game 1, Timmy accidentally pops Blake Griffin and Timmy gives him a little “are you alright” pat on the back. Any time someone says that you have to play with a chip on shoulder or be an ass to be successful as a basketball player just ask WWTD (what would timmy do). Why isn’t this guy everyone’s favorite basketball player?

    • AMEN!!! I can’t stand LeBron but I give him credit for maturing since last year at least a little. D-Wad (not a typo) is a complete piece of crap that is arrogant, entitled, and a dirty player. let someone forearm shiver him in the back and see what the league does to them… wait a minute; LeBron did that to John Lucas III not too long ago. I take back everything good I said about LeBron. Heat SUCK!!!!

  3. Skeets,

    You say “flagrant” different. Like “Flag-grant” vs. “Flay-grint”

    Is that a Canadian thing? Is that how it’s supposed to be pronounced?

    Who knows? Not I.

  4. Can someone tell me if those screens that Joel Anthony is putting on Paul George are legal? I mean those “wide base screens” where he is essentially just sticking out his legs to trip him up. He’s using his knees and feet to screen more than anything else. Seems odd that that’s just ok…

  5. Hahaha, it’s the orphanage guy from Like Mike.

  6. Hey guys – the reason that TNT says “40 games in 40 nights” is because that’s how many games TNT covers in 40 nights, not that its the amount of games in the playoffs total. ABC, ESPN, NBA TV etc will take up the rest of the games obviously, so its just a station promo thing which is why it is incorrect about the playoffs in general.

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