If this were football, the Pacers would get fifteen yards plus a first down, since this was certainly a catchable ball. Good hit though. Too bad Dwyane Wade got there a bit to early to separate man from ball.

Basketball-wise, however, not cool. I’m of the opinion that basketball players shouldn’t tackle other basketball players, especially from behind on a fast break. It’s a bold stance, I know.

At least Wade got the tiniest bit of karmic retribution for this, getting bopped in the head with the ball immediately after forearm-shivering Darren Collison. It’s a small thing, but it’s good to know someone out there is policing these things.

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  1. Don’t you think Wade mades that lay-in in the final seconds if he’s no so busy trying to sell contact that wasn’t there? I mean, he was pretty much wide open, but for some reason he decides he needs to fall down instead to try and sell the foul. It’s the anti-flopping gods hard at work.

  2. Ugh, *makes that lay-in.

  3. Bleeping Wade is doing this kind of things all the time. And gets away with it. How is this not flagrant foul 2?

    I’m always amazed how KG is portrayed as a dirty player. Maybe he hurts some feelings, but has anyone ever seen him actually injure someone on purpose?

    Lets go Pacers!

    • because he gets the bucks$$ and the votes for AN ALL-STAR–Baloney!! had that been, back WHEN THEY PLAYED BASKETBALL!! That would’ve been a butt whooping but since this is in the “I need money because of my ‘EGO ERA” it made YOUTUBE!! Want a towel?? Your A– got burnt!!!!!! show some skills other than crying about how much that hurt for a shoe endorsement!!

      FORMER, REAL, Players would’ve made sure that “NON-FOUL” was FELT!! Not a CHEAP SHOT!! At least when they PLAYED REAL BASKETBALL not endorsed, make my account RICH BALL, and actually cared about PLAYNG BASKETBALL not the “Field” they would’ve done the right thing!!

      Quit flipping crying like a baby!!! Your EGO; OVERROAD your abilities, (for that situation)!!

      Go Pacers (From French Lick)

    • wade does this all the time? Thats a stretch! I’ve been following wade since year 2. This is the only dirty play I’ve seen him make.

  4. That was definitely a Flagrant 2, not a Flagrant 1. This league is totally f***ed up, as:

    1) This league protects Wade (and its meal ticket LeBron James).

    2) Collison didn’t do the melodramatic acting job after the foul. To get the Flagrant 2 you have to pretend you have a concussion (Harden) or suffered whiplash and facial lacerations (Blake Griffin). He wouldn’t have had to sell it against just about any other player, but Wade and LeBron or not just any other players.

  5. I said yesterday on twitter that I wouldn’t believe the Pacers could win that game until the clock struck zero and they had the lead. Well they proved me wrong and I’m glad. Miami seems in more trouble than I had believed without Bosh. Their third leading scorer went for 5 and it was almost like they were playing 5 on 2. Is a Philly-Indiana conference finals the NBA and ABC’s worst nightmare right now? I mean, short of another Malace at the Palace.
    Also being in Canada I thought you would have went with the hockey metaphor and said he would have been awarded a penalty shot on that one.

  6. No, no, no, ya’ll got it wrong: A few plays before this the refs missed a call when DWade was driving to the hoop – he was entitled to do like this.

    Clearly, the ref who missed the call on Wade’s drive should be fined and forced to apologize via twitter.

  7. If Jason Smith got a 2 game suspension for checking Blake Griffin, surely Dwayne Wade will receive the same?

  8. Flagrant 2.

    (Enough said, even if short, Score.)

  9. This is a flagrant 2 and he should be suspended. He won’t be. But he should be. The end.

  10. It seems like Wade only sees 2 outcomes to his shots:
    1. He makes the shot
    2. He gets a foul called

    If neither option materializes, he starts complaining to the refs. It frequently results in him taking himself out of plays, meaning not getting back on defense or not paying full attention on the continuation of the offensive play if they still have the ball. In the worst situations he does something impulsive like he did here to work out his frustration.

    I don’t understand how he doesn’t get more technicals and I don’t understand how neither Lebron or Haslem demands a bit more focus out of him to play through the calls or non-calls.

    • He won a championship that way. When you see a kid having an atomic meltdown at the grocery store because he’s being denied a treat and you wonder why he acts that way, the answer is always “because it’s worked for him in the past.”

      • That’s why Coach Vogel’s 15k was the best spent money ever. Got people’s attention, resulted in an in-game interview with the Commissioner about flopping and made referees more careful and less quick to give him every call. Playing aggressive and going to the hoop is all fine and dandy but doesn’t guarantee you points or fouls. It just increases the likeliness that the ref has to make a split second decision on something he might not have seen that clearly.

    • Sickyon, I agree with you but you’ve forgotten 3. He makes the shot and gets fouled.

  11. They would never call a Flagrent 2 or suspend Wade in playoffs. That’s the way the leauge works. Clearly a 2. That elbow is nasty.

    • Really they were both lucky that wade didn’t connect with the elbow like he wanted to. We woul dhave had a metta world peace situation on our hands.

  12. He gets a little body contact & doesn’t get the call, so he OBVIOUSLY needs foul someone like that. ughhhh……

    He is absolutely without a doubt the worst person in the NBA. He was one of my favorite players until the Heat made the finals in ’06. During those finals, his focus changed from making shots to getting fouled. From that point on, he’s become the most entitled player who feels he gets a free pass to do whatever he wants to the other team in the event he thinks he was fouled, which usually occurs when he either dives into the lane uncontrollably or unnecessarily kicks his legs out, hoping to get contact. To make things worse, he argues every single obvious foul called on him.

    The only possible explanation was best said by George Costanza: “It’s not a lie if you believe it.”

    He should be suspended & most likely won’t. The league has never been quick to suspend its stars, but I’ve never seen a player get star treatment like he has and despite that, go on the offensive that often.

  13. That’s a hard unnecessary foul. flagrant 2. 1 game suspension.

  14. Wade should be suspended for that. He didn’t even make a play on the ball. Wade even had the balls to try to get into his face after tackling him. I wish Lance Stevenson would have jumped off the Pacers bench and clocked him in the face; he’s not gonna get any PT anyway.

  15. I’m pretty sure Wade is the biggest bitch in the league. Crybaby, fake tough guy, dirty player, feels like he’s “entitled” to every call. That was definitely a flagrant 2.

  16. If you unsuspectingly get hit in the face with the ball, which is coming from outside your line of vision, how can you possibly argue that the play was “on the ball”?

  17. wade is lucky lebron came to miami. all the attention goes to lebron lol. wade can be a douche all he wants and it won’t matter

  18. What a spoiled baby. Could not believe he pulled this crap

    Is there anyone with a worse cheap shot record at this point than Wade?

    From straight up yanking Rajon Rondo out of the air in the playoffs and pulling the dude’s arm out of socket, to just body checking Richard Hamilton earlier this year.

  19. No suspension, of course, what a joke.

    • some one should do him the same way even at the risk of suspension. put someone in the game just for that purpose like they did with James Jones foul on Noah.

  20. Crawford and Malloy, what a surprise.

  21. How is this not any less worse than that body check flagrant on Blake Griffin earlier this year that got whathisname a mutli-game suspension.

    Wade’s bitch ass should be fined and benched for the rest of the series for this thug bullshit.

  22. How is this any less worse than that body check flagrant on Blake Griffin earlier this year that got whathisname a mutli-game suspension?

    Wade’s bitch ass should be fined and benched for the rest of the series for this thug bullshit.

  23. If that was Lebron who had been trucked like that, there would’ve been no end to the histrionics. Nothing would’ve been out of bounds. I wouldn’t have put it past him to eventually find his mother, curl up in the fetal position and try to go back into her womb.

  24. why did Danny Granger even pass it there?

  25. How was that any different than the shoulder check Jason Smith gave to Blake Griffin, which resulted in an ejection and 2-game suspension?

  26. Flagrant 2, it not i would hate to see that foul with excessive force

  27. Clearly it was a flagrant 2. Wade gets away with this stuff all the time though. (See Richard Hamilton) He’s also one hell of a flopper. It seems like the falls down after almost every shot (especially every shot at the rim). When he hit the ground last night after that missed lay-up I had to wonder whether he missed the shot because a) he was legitimately off balance and just missed it or b) was so intent on drawing the and-one that he lost focus of the putting the ball through the hoop part of the equation.

    They certainly do make it easy to hate the Heat.

  28. Wade’s a great basketball player to watch. Especially with, in the NBA these days, the difference between a superstar and just a guy with talent is their allergy to the rim. He can bring it. I have much respect for his game on some level…but on another, he’s. such. a. chump.

  29. There is always more to a story… Wade was frustrated that he was tripped on that possession and there was no call. I actually don’t blame him, if refs are gonna allow players tripping each other then a hard foul to stop a play is fair game IMO.

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