On today’s playoff edition of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas breakdown Wednesday’s two games: Thunder-Lakers and Celtics-Sixers. Topics discussed include: L.A.’s brutal turnovers, Perk and Ibaka’s complimentary defense, Durant’s superstar game, Blake’s final look, blue-and-white Chesapeake Energy Arena, aggressive Rondo, shitty Sixers, and whether Kevin Garnett is the best center in the game right now?

All that, plus Bird, boogers, crocodiles, A-Rod, and fat guys.

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Comments (8)

  1. That is a freakin booger.

  2. Any chance you can intercept the texts you know Selena’s sending to The Bieb clowning the Lakers while her Spurs roll?

  3. dont worry long as lakers will both game at home they are in good shape

  4. My least favorite words in the #TBJ lexicon are “going to the cottage.” You lazy ass canucks.

    My favorite words involve stepping on the beach. But apparently nobody does that anymore.

  5. Second the notion that stepping on the beach should return.

  6. Masai Ujiri perhaps?

  7. Hey guys, you talk about it being a guards game. What would happen if you had a game “Guards vs. Bigs?” Would getting your Dirk and Love types hitting 3′s from 4 ft over the defenders’ heads and an automatic 2 points down low make it an easy win? Or would the bigs’ lack of many true ball handlers and a lack of quickness get them run out of the gym by the guards?

  8. Best Center’s in the L at the moment are KG and TD… what is this, the nineties?

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