For a team with what might be the most serious top six in the NBA, the Boston Celtics sure do have a wacky bench. Mickael Pietrus is obviously bonkers, Marquis Daniels has a diamond-encrusted pendant made of his own head, Sasha Pavlovic is physically incapable of bending at the waist and Greg Stiemsma came out of nowhere to become the white Bill Russell. It’s a weird bunch, but they do a good job of balancing out the stodgy starting lineup that the Celtics are known for.

And one of the things their silly bench has been doing this entire playoffs is what you see up top — a bizarre celebration that Marquis Daniels calls “flexing” and looks like a child trying to get a semi truck to honk its horn or someone doing very fast pullups. It’s pretty great, even if Keyon Dooling’s explanation for it is pretty straightforward. From ESPN:

“We’ve been doing that throughout the course of the season, it’s just magnified throughout the playoffs,” Dooling said. “It’s something that kind of gets us going. We put two fists in the air and kind of pump our fists a little bit — just something to let our guys know that we are cheering for them, we’re rooting for them. We’ve got their back.”

After Boston’s Game 1 triumph over the Philadelphia 76ers in the Eastern Conference semifinals Saturday night at TD Garden, a reporter suggested that it looked like the players were doing chin-ups, Dooling chuckled.

“Well, if you’ve seen my body, you’d know I haven’t done too many chin-ups,” he deadpanned.

Definitely on board with this, especially if it’s going to lead to Keyon Dooling developing a self-deprecating standup act. As far as coordinated bench celebrations go, it’s one of the best. I can’t really think of any other off the top of my head, so let’s just give this one the top spot.

Plus, it’s pretty nice of these Florida bros to let Ryan Hollins get in on their celebration even though he’s from California. If he’s allowed to do it, we all can, so feel free to give it a shot whenever one of your friends does something cool. Letting them know you’ve got their back is a nice thing to do.

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  1. It’s….hypnotizing.

  2. These dudes copied Sir Michael Rocks, he calls it bussin down

  3. “Flexing”… Riiight. No, this is a sly version of a similar move which was accompanied by a pelvic thrust in Candyman’s “Knockin’ Boots”:

    Silly Celtics. I’m sure you can blow that one by David Stern, but not this guy!

  4. I’ve been wondering what it was for a while. Kinda disappointing to find out it doesn’t have any special meaning

  5. Shawn Williams is high as hell in that gif; livin’ the dream.

  6. Haha that guy on the far left in the suit is hi-la-ri-ous… !!

  7. I want to know what that little hand signal Stiemsma does is called? it’s like he’s dusting off his wrist.

  8. Nah… lakers uses their bench much better :)

  9. see current hip hop music. i.e. odd future. it started from the cooking dance which evolved into “flexing”

  10. anth is right. hip hop dudes and fans have been doing this for a while now. when jay-z and kanye’s ni**as in paris came out it was all the rave.

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