When you are a millionaire basketball player — and yes, even Jon Brockman is a millionaire — you have to find new things to do to occupy your time once the season is over. You can’t work out all the time, unless you want your legs to explode. Sometimes you have to other things like wear a fitted, one-piece sweatsuit that’s called a Swagga Suit or drive a tiny go-kart around like it’s no big deal.

These are just a few different ways that NBA players can relax during the offseason. Driving a go-kart is a fun way to blow off steam and wearing a University of Washington branded Swagga Suit is just a great way to get cozy and settle down with a nice book. We all have different ways of chillin’ and these are some that you could maybe incorporate in to your life. Maybe combine the Swagga Suit with the go-kart and really live it up. It’s your life.

A few more shots of Jon Brockman modeling the Swagga Suit after the jump because they will make you so happy.

(via NBA Leftovers)