Ballin: The day after Tim Duncan has a throwback game, Kevin Garnett goes out and puts up a 27-13-4 line on 12-17 shooting because these guys hate each other. Fun times being back in 2004.

Not so much: 20 points on 9-25 shooting is bad, but two turnovers within seconds of each other in the final two minutes is worse. Not the best Kobe Bryant game we’ve ever seen.

Blake me up, before you go go: This was a weird way to end a game, for so many reasons.

It started weird when Mike Brown decided to let Metta World Peace inbounds the ball despite this happening during this season. It got weirder when Mike Brown expected MWP to throw a 40-foot, crosscourt lob to Kobe Bryant on the far side of the court. Then it got even weirder when Russell Westbrook looked the complete wrong way while he was 15 feet from the ball, seemingly forgetting that Steve Blake was just chillin’ in the corner. Then, to seal the weirdness, Steve Blake — who shoots 38 percent on corner threes, quite a bit better than the league average — bricked his shot despite hitting three corner threes during Game 7 in Los Angeles. Bizarre all around.

Block block city: Of Serge Ibakas seven blocks, the Thunder got possession following the blocked shot just twice. Someone show this guy a Bill Russell tape or whatever we’re supposed to say about blocking shots in to the 10th row.

That’s that shirt I don’t like: No. Do not like.

One thing I do like about this is the kid with his shirt off on the right side of the screen. Just a nice little add-on. (Also, pretty good try at distracting Kevin Garnett.)

Gigglebox: I was laughing so hard at this Kevin Durant layup when it happened. Great layup. This one too. Really cool.

Confuseltons: Can someone please explain to me the new Celtics celebration because I love it.

Beauty: This is how you do fan t-shirt coordination.

Awesome look. Feels like it could only happen in a place like Oklahoma City, but good on ‘em.

Troy time: Troy Murphy got to play again last night. So far, in two playoff games against the Thunder, Murphdawg’s played seven minutes and has two turnovers, one defensive rebound and zero other stats.

Other things: Every Paul Pierce dunk is like seeing a unicorn in the wild … Kevin Durant’s game-winner. He’s tall … S— Dwight Howard Would Wear … Believe it or not, Chris Broussard got something wrong … Nick “Cool Clothes” Young is at it again