What are you doing, Mike Brown? I don’t even get this.

I mean, yeah, Jimmy Goldstein always sits in the press room during playoff press conferences, but has he ever said anything? Even once? Maybe he has, but for the most part he just wants to chill and wear an exotic skin hat. Just let the man enjoy his hat and his money and his stat sheets. Don’t try to act like we’re going to forget that Lakers lost if you start riffing with the NBA’s biggest superfan. We’re on to you, man.

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  1. I have been wondering who this man was ever since he asked Rondo a trippy question in the presser after a finals game, while wearing a Lakers colored fur. It bothered me for some time.

    Thank you so much Mr Kerby

  2. Pics of the guy por favor.

  3. Well, unless you like sideboob, in which case #2

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