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On today‚Äôs show, The Jones breakdown the NBA’s second-round series including: the Pacers’ depth and balance, Dwyane Wade’s atrocious Game 3, Spoelstra’s job security, whether the Lakers or Clippers can survive the weekend, Ramon Sessions, Boris Diaw, and Kevin Garnett. We also discuss the Bulls’ Rose-less future, SI’s Tim Duncan cover story, Rookie of the Year and Executive of the Year voting results, Mario Kart 64, JaVale McGee’s platypuses, Leigh’s “Tweet of the Weak,” softball, dirt, and much, much more. Enjoy.

So give your eyes a rest, and embrace this audio explosion.


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  1. Only 5 minutes in, but very much enjoyed Skeets’ (accidental?) shout-out to The Bunk: “Platypusi”

  2. The Heat would’ve likely been better off had Wade been suspended for Game 3, so karmically, you have to feel pretty good about that.

  3. I cannot for the life of me find the coach battle poll on your Facebook page

  4. One thing not mentioned in the success of introducing Diaw in the SAS roster is the fact that Diaw has been a teammate of TParker in the French team for several years- with some decent results (e.g., 2nd on Euro last year). Diaw is older and the official captain, but TP is the real leader.

  5. Wario is not lanky and skinny! He’s the evil version of Wario so he’s still fat.

    Waluigu (a real thing) is lanky and skinny, but he’s not in any of the Mario Kart games.

  6. Mario = balanced player, Paul Pierce
    Donkey Kong = tall and muscular, Dwight Howard

  7. All Time

    Mario = Jordan
    Bowser = Shaq
    Luigi = Pippen
    Peach = Clyde Drexler
    Toad = Tiny Archibald
    Donkey Kong = George Mikan
    Koopa Troopa = Dr. J
    Goomba = 5’5 Earl Boykins
    Yoshi = Chris Bosh

  8. Mario: Manu. Solid well-rounded pick. Doesn’t beat you in any one way but by being multi-talented.
    Bowser; Zbo. Pudgy and not really athletic but still damn effective.
    Luigi: Durant for sure.
    Peach: Westbrook. They both seem to float in the air for much longer then they should.
    Toad: Lawson was a great choice for this. Fast and a bit of a pest.
    Donkey Kong: Gasol and West were also solid. Hard to argue with either of them
    Wario: Boris Diaw. A little pudgy but he gets by due to craftiness
    Waluigi: KG. Tall and lanky and a bit evil. Seems about right.

  9. That Marc Gasol picture totally looks like Trey Kirby!

  10. Few things.

    1) It is DEFINITELY platypi.
    2) Get Nash on Orlando, Bulls can have Jameer. We good?
    3) What if Roy Hibbert really did fall down as a kid?

    Boy Hit-Dirt

  11. LOL, woah, what’s with the KG hate Skeets?

    • I knew about the poison spur, but electrolocation!? Platypuses are platypimps…

      Rondo for Koopa Troopa since he’s small, speedy, and they look more than a little similar.

  12. Thunder Edition

    Mario = Westbrook
    Bowser = Perkins
    Luigi = Durant
    Peach = Collison
    Toad = Cook
    Donkey Kong = Nazr
    Koopa Troopa = Thabo
    Goomba = Fisher
    Yoshi = Harden
    Wario = Maynor (not evil, but opposite of Mario/Westbrook)

  13. How was Nash not in the discussion for Mario? How was JJ Barea not the obvious pick for Toad? Kobe is clearly Waluigi.

  14. with you guys on luigi (durant), peach (parker), toad (lawson), yoshi (bosh) and would have to agree with matt on nash as mario. but for the other ones:

    bowser: bynum (big, obnoxious, and a bad guy)
    donkey kong: griffin (big, friendly, bull in a china shop type quality)
    wario: kobe (freaking evil. just to remind you, he’s a rapist.)

  15. What’s a best-selling ice cream in East Asia?

    Soy Sherbert

  16. Mario = Rose: first banana, good guy, bland personality.
    Luigi = Bosh: like Luigi hears clearly the inferior option, lanky, also kinda weird.
    Toad = CJ Watson: useless helper for Mario, smaller, looks kinda pathetic.
    Peach = Rubio: pretty boy.
    Koopa Troopa = Nash: a real trooper.
    Yoshi = Javale: odd, lanky, disproportionate.
    Donkey Kong = World Peace: for the tantrums and chest beating alone.
    Bowser = Perkins: big, ugly, and mean.
    Wario = Boogie Cousins: big, crazy, and mercurial.

  17. Tas… gotta be more obvious: What did he whine to his mom when he dropped his power rangers in mud:
    “Toy Hit-Dirt”

  18. Chris Bosh is more important to Miami’s success than Dwyane Wade is. They need what Bosh brings, while both Bosh and LeBron can make up for Wade. I think that was made pretty clear when every time Bosh has gone out they have lost, and when Wade was out they went something like 14-1 with Bosh averaging like 30 pts, 8 boards, on 54% shooting.

    This isn’t to say Bosh is better than Wade, obviously not, but Bosh fits the role better, especially with just him and LeBron. It’s like how Bosh would have fit the Bulls better and Boozer would have fit Miami better.

  19. Tas’ Roy Hibbert puns are the best! Definitive proof that the best puns are also the worst.

  20. What’s his favourite attarction in NYC? Statue of Hibberty

  21. What would Roy Hibbert’s name be if he were a combo guard?

    Hibbert Fredette

  22. 1st off, Luigi is cooler than Mario, good call guys. I agree with previous comments, Waluigi is KG, Ulgy, mean, Tall, nasty, Evil, etc. Harden is King Boo due to his teeth. Speights is petey Prihana. Really impressed with Mario as Rose, perfect fit.

    Pun Gun TIme! Yew Haw!

    if Roy ran into tom thibodeau and broke his collar bone, what would they call him? Roy Thibs Hurt.

    If Roy was a effiment pop star from 80′s what would they call him? Boy George Hibbert.

    If Roy was combined with a smaller guard, what would he be called. Randy Foye Hibbert.

    If Roy worked at a Jewish temple, what wuold his title be? Mohel Hibbert

    If Roy, like skeets always predicts, goes down with injury due to a hip problem, what would they call him? Roy Hip Hurts.

  23. Mario, ..stan van gundy, Luigi…Nic Batum..not sure if coaches count but the stash says it all

  24. Mario = D Rose
    Bowser = Dwight Howard
    Luigi = Kevin Durant
    Wario= Lebron James
    Peach = Blake Griffin (both of them can jump and float for a short period of time)
    Toad = Chris Paul
    Donkey Kong = Ron Artest (not Metta, Artest mode is chest pumping mode)
    Yoshi = Chris Bosh

  25. I am in serious TBJ withdrawl right now. I need my fix to get me through Monday damnit!

  26. I hope the Hawks make a deep run into the playoffs next year just to hear Skeets do his Mora impression playoffs and his KA-KAW in the same sentance

  27. Last Year’s Blazers make it easy:

    Mario – Brandon Roy
    Luigi – LaMarcus Aldridge
    Bowser – Greg Oden
    Donkey Kong – The Vanilla Gorilla (Joel Przybilla)
    Toad – Patty Mills
    Koopa Troopa – Andre Miller
    Yoshi – Gerald Wallace
    Princess Peach – Nicolas Batum

  28. Mario = Andre Miller (a bit fat, but lovable and despite not being blessed with physical gifts, gets the job done)

    What’s KG gonna do if the Celts meet the Pacers in the next round? Destroy Hibbert.

  29. Loved the MarioKart game, but why does Skeets pronounce it MARE-ee-oh? It’s MAH-ree-oh.

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