You guys probably aren’t aware of this, but Monday marks the Canadian celebration of Queen Victoria’s birthday. Yeah, that surprised me too, but countries been had traditions, as the saying goes.

As such, posting will be slow around there here parts from now until Monday. You’ll still get a sizzling hot episode of the Overdose pretty soon, but there will be no Fix on Monday.

As an olive branch, please enjoy this clip of the Pacers’ Lance Stephenson getting his Reggie Miller on and calling out LeBron James for choking when he missed a third quarter free throw. I can’t imagine this will be as iconic of a moment as Reggie’s legendary Spike Lee zing, but I do like Stephenson’s arm motions in the corner before LeBron shoots the free throw and also that he found this necessary during the third quarter of a second round playoff series when he has played five minutes the entire postseason. Bold moves should be rewarded.

So yeah, not much around here until Tuesday. Enjoy Lance Stephenson making a name for himself and the Overdose, which is on its way. Happy birthday, Queen Victoria. See you guys Tuesday.

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  1. Larry Bird’s face after seeing this

    Note: This was also Bird’s face when his Pacers won the game/ his Celtics won the title in 86/on his wedding day.

  2. No wi-fi up at the cottage?

  3. I’m kinda shocked there is Wi-Fi in Canada. I kid, I kid.

    I loved the whole Chalmer vs. West confrontation from last night of everything the most. I almost think that was a hypothetical technical based on what West would have done to Chalmers if things got physical. Chalmers was like one of those little dogs that barks like crazy at a bigger dog even though said dog could probably eat him if he so chose to. Alas, David decided not to eat Mario.

  4. Enjoy your long weekend and club some baby seals for me while your up at the vacation igloo.


    also, my Canadian roommate says “oh yeah, Queen Victoria Day, that’s the start of cabin season, when everybody goes up to the lake and shit…”… sounds nice

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