On today’s playoff edition of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas return from the cottage to breakdown Monday night’s two games: Thunder-Lakers and Celtics-Sixers. Topics discussed include: Russell Westbrook’s roof-blowin’ turning point, Mike Brown’s decision to sit Kobe at the start of the fourth, Bynum’s focus, the Lakers’ immediate future, Brandon Bass’ “Big Baby” moment, Philly turnovers, and how to play Rondo. All that, plus Orlando parting ways with Stan Van Gundy and Otis Smith, mom kisses, and mosquito bites.

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Comments (9)

  1. Andrew Bynum was right. Close out games ARE easy. He just rolled over and died for his team.

    • Mike Beasley would have been such a factor had Mitch been able to pull off that trade. At the least, he would’ve allowed some extended rest for Kobe. But alas, would’ve, should’ve, could’ve…

    • Boooooooo-urns.

  2. Thunder’s MVP depends on matchup, which is exactly the way basketball should be played!

  3. Martins said they wanted a GM by the draft, not a coach. The GM would then have input on who the coach will be.

  4. leave it to Kobe he will figure it out

  5. Magic fan here… I think Stan Van Gundy is the best coach the Magic have ever had and I’m kind of sad to see him go. If that move was all about keeping Dwight then good luck with that – there are already rumours popping up that he still wants to be traded. So far, the Magic have copied the Cleveland’s Lebron-fiasco script 1:1. Hopefully they’ll be able to rewrite the end…

    On a side note: I hope that the Sonics-thieves get seriously thrashed by the Spurs.

  6. Better cottage weekend than when Matty O tie dyed the shirt with his balls?

  7. Love the show! So much better than the ranting and raving by the ego-maniacal morons on that other morning sports talk show…

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