Ballin: 70 combined points for Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden and only four turnovers for the lot of them. When the other 10 guys only have to score 21 combined points, that’s pretty good.

Not so much: For the second straight year, the Los Angeles Lakers are out after the second round of the playoffs. Lucky for them, they only have the third-oldest roster in the league and they’re only paid the third-highest amount of money, so that should make things very easy to turn around in a summer.

Turning point: Here’s when you knew the series was over.

Of all the off-the-wall things that happened on that play — the astoundingly terrible pass, Westbrook’s incredible shot, his even better celebration and the crowd going bonky — it’s hard to decide which part is the best. So I choose all of it.

No: Stop looking at me, Doc Rivers.

Rescind me: Terrible call on the Metta World Peace flagrant, which turned in to a 5-point possession for the Thunder, thanks to technicals from MWP and Kobe Bryant. If Thabo Sefolosha hits that makeable three, we’re talking an 8-pointer, which can’t happen too often.

Good things come in threes: See if you can count the three great things that happen in this short clip.

1) Evan Turner getting tripped up and sliding 12 feet; 2) Andre Iguodala dunking; 3) Tony Battie celebrating.

Trash talk chronicles: Here’s Elton Brand after yesterday’s loss — “See you Saturday.”

Caveat: Here’s the bad part — it was to a ballboy. Interesting target, Eltster.

Hi there: Adam Morrison is back, you guys.

If there was a list of NBA players who could be bass guitars players, he’d be the top of the list if he were still in the NBA. As it stands, Joakim Noah is the champion and Kyrylo Fesenko is the runner-up.

Peach out: See you later, Stan Van Gundy and Otis Smith. You had a good run and you seem like chill bros. Good luck with your lives. Sorry about all the weird Dwight Howard stuff.

Other things: Career-high 27 points for Brandon Bass, which is pretty chill … Great block from Devin Ebanks, who did literally nothing else in the series besides get ejected and earn himself a $25,000 fine … Cool “All Tans” look for the “Inside the NBA” bros last night … Hey Oklahoma City, stop shooting people … But keep wearing fake James Harden beards

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  1. 1. fat guy in the press box at :11 with hands on head in disbelief.

    2. look on kobe’s face like he only got miss congeniality at the pageant and not the full crown and sash.

    man that play was fun to watch

  2. Come on Trey, you know Fesenko would just be rocking the cow bell.

  3. You might want to double check your first line Trey, OKC scored 106 points last night. 70+21 = 91. Just helping out :)

    Adam Morrison looks like he belongs in an underground metal band. I absolutely love it.

  4. More evidence that Reggie Miller is an idiot. That Metta World Artest foul was definitely a flagrant. Watch the push/ follow through with his left hand while Thabo is coming down…. that’s flagrant. Looked like Mr. Peace almost punched the official on that one as well!

    • It’s a flagrant if he’s not making a play for the ball, which he clearly was. It was just a personal foul at best, not a flagrant.

    • Rob, you need to calm your teats.

    • by no means was that foul flagrant. Rob. All ball with incidental arm contact in the back. Huge call at a pivotal point in the game.

    • “Reggie Miller is an idiot”

      That’s all you got right.

      • I have been known to be partial to Ron Artest being a big St. John’s fan. I’ve even been crazy enough to argue at times that if the Knicks drafted Ron and he stayed close to home he may not have gone nuts. I know, I know. Crazy is crazy. But that was certainly not a flagrant. Flagrant fouls are like pornography. You know as soon as you see it.

  5. Don’t discount that the crowd was already jacked up from a Collison put back the previous possession. Fan favorite, never scores, slow white guy dunking, they were going nuts already, and Russ absolutely put them over the top.

    • What is it with unathletic white guys being fan favorites? LOL. Collison, Morrison, Jimmer, Babbit, Scalabrine, Bonner, Hansbrough, Bargnani, Mullens, Stiemsma, and Birdman, just to name a few.

  6. The best part of the Westbrook play was the face of Mr. Bryant. I will print this on a t-shirt and make millions! Millions I say!

  7. It wasn’t THAT impossible/lucky. Just good concentration on a long range floater/finger roll.

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