The central conceit of this advertisement is that Tracy McGrady — 6-foot-8, one-time competitor in the dunk contest, able-bodied enough to have played minutes in this season’s playoffs — cannot jump high enough to dislodge a ball in a 10-foot rim without first setting down a six-pack of beer.. Yikes.

Does that make you feel like you are 1,000 years old? Or is it 2,000? Time flies when you’re making back injury jokes.

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    T-Mac says: “If you’re a bro, then drink together!”

  2. Ugh. But my back hurts too, I am older than T-Mac and I still could dislodge a ball from a ten foot hoop though standing at just six of them. I’m missing words.

  3. For relaxing times, make it Suntory time.

  4. Probably should take off the “Japanese” part of the headline. Heads up.

  5. Yea, pretty sure you wanna replace “Japanese” pretty soon before your hordes of Asian fans descend upon you.

  6. Bad info. Thanks guys.

  7. Is Tracy McGrady really this popular in China that this is a worth-while endorsement?

    • He played with Yao… so yes he is.

    • we love him not because of yao.only because he is himself.CHINA has many fans love him.his xinlang weibo (a website like your twitter)has 1,155,451 followers now.the wangyi weibo has 2,764,101 followers.and you should know,he didn’t update them this two weibo is only equivalent to his official weibo.but still has many fans follower him.

  8. Someone was telling me Tmac’s jerseys are selling really well in China due to his association with Yao.

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