Here is a James Harden cake

For as great as this James Harden cake from Homeland Foods is, it is an equally big bummer that cake-based puns are not easy to come by with the name “James Harden.” You could say you better eat this before the frosting Hardens, but that’s no good. James barely rhymes with anything, and everything it does rhyme with doesn’t make sense. For as great of an idea as a James Harden cake is — and the answer is very good — him not having a delicious sounding name really hurts.

If only this cake were a Royal Icing cake, then we’d be talking. So it goes.

(via BDL)

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  1. 1. Creme Brulames Harden
    2. Sixthmanny Shortcake
    3. Banana Beard

  2. Talk about chocolate thunder!

  3. Chocolohama City Thunder

    Cheesecake Energy Arena

    Think outside the box, Kerbz

  4. James Pardon, but you have some frosting on your beard

  5. 1) if there would be like 9 of them, but in a much smaller size, what kind of cake would it be?

    - a Hipcake!

    (ok kinda lame, i admit)

    2) If you cut the cake and it turns out that it’s a light, marcipan-based spongecake with chequered pink-and-yellow squares inside, it would actually be a James Hardenberg Cake!
    which is cool, since James’ middle name is Edward, which references his namesake, King Edward VII., whose grandson-in-law was actually said Battenberg dude, who in turn lends his name to said cake.

  6. That looks so good that I want to dunk on it then inexplicably thrust my elbow into it.

  7. His beard kinda looks like a black forest. Hope that helps.

  8. Is it possible to get a Kate Upton cake?

    I’d Jim Levenstein that thing.

  9. The cake was made by OKC Homeland employee Cassandra Salazar.

  10. It kind of looks like Randy Moss

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