I know that a lot of people have been wondering this very question for a long, long time — is Dwyane Wade’s face a basketball? They are both round(ish), hang out in nets, get hit by various hands and elbows, are covered in skin, and are used during regulation basketball games. Truth be told, Dwyane Wade’s face and a basketball are very similar.

However, thanks to Tyler Hansbrough’s handbros, we finally get an answer to this age-old question. From ESPN:

“I took a shot that I thought was uncalled for at that time,” Wade said. “Obviously my face is not the ball.”

OK then, it’s settled. Dwyane Wade’s face is definitively NOT a basketball. Good to know.

Now please someone ask Eric Gordon if his face is a basketball because that head is suspiciously round. Thanks.

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  1. Um, Hansbrough swatted at the ball before Wade brought it down. Just sayin’…

  2. What’s great is that more than likely the Heat are moving on to play Boston. If crybaby thinks it’s rough now, just wait. Two words: BAR FIGHT!

  3. This just raises more questions… like does Wade believe that the back of Darren Collison’s head is a basketball?

  4. Had a blast with this one Kerby, thanks!

  5. I laughed how they decided to go after Hansborough. I was hoping he’d start going Hans-BRO on ‘em.


    And what was up with the flying elbow to Stephenson? Was that really necessary? I expect it from Juwan to generate more “Chill out Juwan” pieces, but Pittman? C’mon Son!

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