Ballin: Just your classic “Dwyane Wade goes for 28 on 17 shots while LeBron puts up 30 and finishes two assists shy of a triple-double” kind of game for the Heat. Cool kind of game for them.

Not so much: Meanwhile, the leading scorer on the Pacers was Paul George, who scored 11 points on 3-9 shooting. Sometimes it’s just not your night.

Highlight factory: The Heat had so many great plays last night, but this first one was my favorite.

Yeah, the second one is pretty chill too. Cool stuff, guys.

Threesies: Last night, the Indiana Pacers missed one less three (15) than the Miami Heat attempted (16), but still made three less shots from downtown.

Including: And this was one of the Pacers’ makes.

Not only was that Hibbert’s first made three of the season, it’s also only the 12th attempt he has in his four year career. He’s made four of them, including a 3-6 showing during his second season in the league.

Fragrance: First it was Tyler Hansbrough, then it was Udonis Haslem getting revenge on Tyler Hansbrough, then it was Dexter Pittman getting revenge on Lance Stephenson. Just two jerk teams jerking out on each other, mostly spurred on by the fact that the Pacers are notorious cheapshot artists and the Heat are notorious retaliators. Jeff Foster might be retired, but his spirit definitely lives on in this series.

Finish strong: This is how you end a half.

LeBron rebounds the ball at the opposing 3-point line with four seconds left and just takes off, beating the horn by at least a half-second. Do you know how many guys slow up around halfcourt to try to take a long buzzer-beater in that situation? Lots. Amazing to see someone actually get an easy layup that quickly.

Vice versa: The saying goes “Adding insult to injury,” but it was kind of the other way around last night, as the Pacers had both Danny Granger (ankle) and David West (knee) go down with hurties while getting blown out. Ergo, vice versa.

Other things: Super bummer that last night was the first night without multiple games. Frowntown, population: us … Congratulations to the All-Rookie team members, which everyone seems to REALLY care about for six hours before remembering that it’s such a pointless award and guys like Wesley Johnson and Jonny Flynn have made the team in previous years … Jerry Sloan is interviewing for the Bobcats job and is also apparently a masochist … Metta World Peace thinks Mike Brown is fat … Really enjoyed the Udonis Haslem bandages last night