I don’t know if Steve Kerr suffered a horrible injury while wearing just one shoe, but holy smokes was he scared for Mike Miller to be playing in just a single sneaker. It’s like Kerr was worried Mike’s leg was going to fall off or something.

Little does Steve know, Mike actually lost a foot during his injury-plagued 2010-11 season. It just fell right off, probably thanks to some monkey-related infection. That’s why Mike Miller runs the way he does.

So no need to worry, Steve Kerr-y. Mike Miller’s used to playing footless. You can relax.

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  1. I think at this point in the game Steve Kerr was just looking for anything to be excited about.

  2. Common nobody did catch the awesome Ronny Turiaf celebration after the and one from Lebron. Dont know if it was Game 4 or 5 but it was a legendary Turiaf going bonkers classic.
    Trey Kerby I really hope that you do a montage of Turiaf celebrations soon to restore your status as the most awesome TBJ editor.

    • I was thinking the exact same thing! I love this guy!

      From the looks of things, whether it would be on the court or on the sidelines, Turiaf seems like the most fun-having dude in today’s NBA. It’s so refreshing to see this instead of all the man looks we get from LeBron, Durant and Blake after they do something cool.

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