When you saw him at last night’s Sixers-Celtics game, you couldn’t help but wonder — does Allen Iverson still have it? No, not the shoot-first, shoot-later playing style that won him a staggering amount of trophies during his playing career, but the hugging skills that made him one of the NBA’s most huggable players of our generation. People say you never lose your hug, but it’s hard to know if that’s true or just an old wives’ tale.

Well, let me tell you, he’s still got it. In spades.

Just look at that top picture. Is that not the huggiest hug you’ve ever seen? It’s a real Kobe Bryant embrace. (Yes, they’ve hugged in the past.)

But it wasn’t just that one hug. AI proved last night that he’s still a volume hugger who could be valuable to an NBA team. Let’s have a look at some embraces.

This is kind of just a nonchalant, no big deal kind of one-armed hug. Just like a chill hug between chill bros, who kind of look like they’re Photoshopped in to a Wells Fargo Center backdrop.

Take notice of the man on the right because he LOVES hugs.

That’s right. Hugs guy is back.

And he is not leaving until he has accompanied Allen Iverson on every two-armed double hug he can handle.

OK, so I guess it was just three two-armed double hugs is enough. Back to one-armed bandits (that is what Allen Iverson calls side-by-side picture cuddles because of gambling).

This is the important one — Allen Iverson and David Stern, post-hug. I don’t want to be presumptuous, but it looks like Stern’s jowls are smiling too. Pretty, pretty cool. And with the way he hugged Joey Crawford while presenting the game ball, it’s like he’s trying to instantaneously create a Complex gallery of “Allen Iverson Hugging Various White NBA Personalities.” You’re next, Marv Albert.