As we all know, Gregg Popovich is currently the greatest living basketball coach in the history of the world, as evidenced by his NBA Coach of the Year award, his helming a team that finished the season with the best record in the NBA then swept the first two rounds of the playoffs, and universal praise for the way he demeans reporters who ask inane questions. We’ve long thought it true. Thankfully, this season has proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt. (There are maybe some doubt shadows depending on who you root for.)

However, Pop isn’t taking credit for his mad coaching skills. He says it’s all Tim Duncan and he’s not ashamed of it. In fact, he gives so much credit to Timmy D that he makes his wife thank Duncan every time she admires their house.

No, really. From

“It’s fun coaching him,” Popovich said. “I’ve got my hands hanging on his coattail … and he just keeps dragging me around wherever I’m at. Every time I walk around the house once a month, I tell my wife, ‘Say thank you, Tim.’ I’m serious.”

Guys, he’s “serious.” No way this is a joke because he said “I’m serious,” so let’s take his word for it without even questioning it.

And hey, in an era where coaches get fired all the time, 15 straight seasons with the same team with every year’s winning percentage somewhere north of 60 percent is pretty impressive. You already know that, of course, but I just wanted to remind you. The Spurs have been good since Justin Bieber was three and the two constants are Popovich and Ginobili, which has made both men a ton of money.

In a way, Gregg Popovich really does live in the house that Tim Duncan built. Obviously Pop should get a ton of credit for being an amazing coach, but that doesn’t mean anything if he would have ended up either a) never getting a superstar of Duncan’s caliber or b) getting a superstar who isn’t as coachable as Tim Duncan.

It’s a perfect match and that’s why they’re both super rich — do you realize Tim Duncan has made more than $200 million in his career? He should have his wife thank Gregg Popovich for their elaborate robot mansion and repair shop — and go deep sea swimming together. Sometimes the cutest couples also make the best business partners.

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  1. Not trying to diminish pop, but over phil jackson & from a bulls fan? That hurt trey kerby, that hurt.

    • I think Trey meant “currently”, so Phil is definitely out of the equation.

      “Gregg Popovich is currently the greatest living basketball coach in the history of the world…”

      • Ah, I see, the greatest living currently coaching coach (which sounds odd). Thanks for the insight. Totally agree with that.


      • That is not even English. The Zen master is living and so he is still #1.

  2. Think you meant the two constants are Pop and Duncan, not Pop and Ginobili.

  3. That $200 million figure doesn’t even include his endorsements. With Adidas and all that (plus he’s done local commercials, and Amex, and others), I bet he’s well north of $300 million.

    And unlike many stars … totally worth it.

  4. Sports illustrated recently had an article about Duncan that mentions something along the lines of: No team in the past fifteen years has a better winning percentage…IN ALL OF PROFESSIONAL SPORTS!

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