Coaches always tell you not to foul a jump shooter, and that’s something Lou Williams took to heart. Like REALLY took it to heart, to the point where he ends up Kyle Korvering a Keyon Dooling jumper, only with a grossed-out look on his face rather than Korver’s creepy grin.

Guess he never heard that “Get a hand up” advice. Oh well.

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  1. He’s thinking, “Eww! His man parts are about to touch my shoulder!”

  2. I’m pretty sure he’s just flexin’ on them.

  3. looks like he’s going to start dancing

    • Exactly, looked like he was showboating with a shimmy knowing they had this game in hand.


  4. He also was inducted into the Kyle Korver Awful Bobblehead HOF as well. Why would they put dolls hair on korver’s head? Gross. If they were smart, they would Just use an ashton kutcher bobblehead in a basketball jersey. The Lou Williams Bobblehead will haunt you like freddy kruger in your sleep.

  5. Allen Iverson gave him some pointers on Defense before the game.

  6. Looks like he’s doing the Cupid Shuffle. Lou’s a dancer!

  7. so this was right at the end of the game when the celtics were down seven and all philly need to do was avoid fouling, right? was korver’s picture taken in a a similar game situation? because there has to be a more elegant way of not putting the other team on the line while looking dignified.

  8. The picture looks worse than the mistake. In fact, it wasn’t a mistake. That play came with 16 seconds left and the Sixers up 7. The main objective of that play was not to foul, give them a 4 point play, and make it a one possession game.

  9. this is still the greatest of all time terrible defense pictures

  10. Lou Red Riding Hood: My, what a green crotch you have!

  11. He’s Doing the DOUGIE ROFL xD

  12. Look at the wicked acid washed jeans on that girl in the front row!

  13. Is anyone going to acknowledge the blond in the black dress creepyly staring off in the distance while EVERYONE else is the arena is watching the play? She looks so stiff.

  14. acid wash was never in

  15. girl in the acid wash looks like she tryna join in on tht carlton dance

  16. If Lou had put his hands up during that shot, he’d have gotten hit with a foul. That’s just how things were going. Yeah, the picture is hilarious and looks amazingly funny. But in that situation, he did the right thing.

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