Are you guys ready to assess a couple different NBA parody songs? The weather’s great, the schedule is easing up and we’re all in a perfect mood to be able to decide which of these two songs is better. This is an important task, so I hope you’re up for it.

Up top, you’ve got a Kobe Bryant-centric spin on Gotye’s exceedingly popular “Somebody That I Used to Know.” Down below, a Danny Granger-threatening version of Mystikal’s “Danger.” Listen to both several times, then meet me after the jump to figure out which is better.

This might be a controversial choice that has long-lasting after effects in the NBA parody song community, but I’m going with “Granger!”. The song choice is hilarious and hearing someone try to replicate Mystikal’s bonkers, everywhere-at-once flow is even funnier. Outside of maybe Do or Die and Twista, I can’t think of a rapper who’d be harder to rip off with lyrics specific to an Indiana Pacer. It’s like trying to rap along to a Christopher Walken audition tape in fast forward. Points rewarded for degree of difficulty and also for sounding hilarious.

But it’s not all about me. It’s only like 90 percent. To fill in that other 10 percent, I need to know what you think. Let’s hear it down below.

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  1. My vote goes to the Kobe song. The voice is actually not bad and I really love the original song.

  2. That Kobye one is like ten times better than “Granger.” No question.

  3. My part of the other 10 percent votes for the Kobe song.

  4. How can anyone think the Kobe song is better?
    It’s boring as hell with no passion.

    Who cares what his voice is like?

    And seriously, here are your options…

    1.the most popular song in the world re-written about Kobe (arguably the most popular player in the world)
    2.a fucking Mystikal track about Danny freaking Granger

    No one with half a brain could prefer to hear the Kobe song.

  5. Granger! is actually terrible, but that’s why I choose that one. I pressed play not reading what song it was based off of…. and I died for a good 10 minutes.

    Granger! all the way

  6. Kobye easy. Song was creative, guys voice wasn’t half bad, and it made me laugh a few times. Couldn’t even get through a full minute of the Granger one.

  7. Kobe:

    The original is better, the parody is better, the singing is better, and I hate Kobe.

  8. I vote for the “Kobe” track because he does a much better job of enunciating.

  9. I love the concept for “Granger” (especially since I’ve personally always had the tendency to shout Danny Granger’s name like Mystikal); but the execution and production values on “The Kobe That We Used to Know” are far superior. And I think it has more comedic elements working for it, rather than just playing off the inherent parody in the title.

  10. Not watching either one–which means my vote is pure–I have to go with “Granger.” It’s just a great idea (I can hear “GRAIN-jah!” in my head) and VERY topical given the physicality of the series. JimmyJ had it right.

  11. Sorry bros. I know it’s not fair, but I’m writing in Melo: Is it 3 you’re looking for.

    It’s the best parody song of the decade.

  12. No on both. NO. ON. BOTH. Good Lord, one is just some creepy hipster with pancake base staring at me and the other is a guy so off the timing on the beat I feel like I’m turning schizophrenic.

  13. Kobye video all the way. There is no argument. It is way better.

  14. ‘Granger’ is so bad it’s great.

  15. Kobye is creative, actual production-value is great, makes an attempt to follow the structure of the song (and video), and has current relevance. Grainger is awful production, has a slideshow of pointless pictures, terrible singing/timing, and you have to strain to understand/comprehend his rhymes…

    Kobye all the way.

  16. Who cares about granger. Kobye all the way

  17. Kudos to both artists, but I have to go Kobye all the way. Its more interesting and I laughed so hard . I can understand every word and the overall quality was clearer and much better. I hate it when I cant understand whats being said or sung.

  18. Granger FTW!!! forever and ever!!!!!

  19. Made the ‘Granger’ song for fun and Heat fans as target audience. For the Haters about understanding the lyrics: try understanding some of the original ‘Danger’ lyrics by Mystical. Its that type of song. Can’t even compare difficulty of singing the lyrics. I like the Kobe one.

  20. feel like the kobe one could be perfect if it included the kimbra bridge bit. but had pau gasol just kind of languishing against the wall and mumbling in spanish.

    also kind of surprised that there isn’t an iggy pop parody called “gimme granger”.

  21. Im saying the Granger one just due to degree of difficulty in copying Mystikal’s flow.

    But if anyone can pull off a Dexter PIttman tribute using Busta Rhymes’ “Break Ya Neck” then thats my vote right there…..

  22. “Granger!” wins because of the song choice. Most definitely. Sides are hurting over here.

  23. Now someone needs to rap about Patrick Ewing at the Gold Club in Atlanta using Mystikal’s verse from Move Bitch. They wouldn’t even have to change some of the lyrics

  24. I must be really out of main stream music. I had no idea what “somebody i used to know is”. After watching the real video i now know why this is the case.

    The lyrics are too off beat in mystikal remix. Kobe song is worse to listen to but (since i dont like that music) but much better made as parody song.

  25. Do or Die is 3 people dingleberry

  26. Kobe! easy choice!

  27. btw Paul Brogan ist still the man to beat

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