Are you guys ready to assess a couple different NBA parody songs? The weather’s great, the schedule is easing up and we’re all in a perfect mood to be able to decide which of these two songs is better. This is an important task, so I hope you’re up for it.

Up top, you’ve got a Kobe Bryant-centric spin on Gotye’s exceedingly popular “Somebody That I Used to Know.” Down below, a Danny Granger-threatening version of Mystikal’s “Danger.” Listen to both several times, then meet me after the jump to figure out which is better.

This might be a controversial choice that has long-lasting after effects in the NBA parody song community, but I’m going with “Granger!”. The song choice is hilarious and hearing someone try to replicate Mystikal’s bonkers, everywhere-at-once flow is even funnier. Outside of maybe Do or Die and Twista, I can’t think of a rapper who’d be harder to rip off with lyrics specific to an Indiana Pacer. It’s like trying to rap along to a Christopher Walken audition tape in fast forward. Points rewarded for degree of difficulty and also for sounding hilarious.

But it’s not all about me. It’s only like 90 percent. To fill in that other 10 percent, I need to know what you think. Let’s hear it down below.