Mike Skinner once said a grand don’t come for free, which is logical since money costs money. As it turns out, in a completely unrelated rap reference, 10 grand from Rick Ross also doesn’t come for free.

That’s what one Miami Heat fan found out when he tried to collect on Ross’ bounty for someone to run on court during a Heat Finals game while screaming the release date for Maybach Music Group’s “Self Made Vol. 2″ and wearing nothing but an MMG shirt. From NBC Miami:

Kyle Morrison, 22, was arrested early Wednesday morning and faces charges including disorderly conduct, resisting an officer with violence, battery on an officer, trespassing and indecent exposure, police said. He is being held on $6,500 bond in the Miami-Dade County Jail.

Morrison, who is from Orlando but attends Jacksonville University, said he was in Miami to attend the game. He told a bond court judge he was going to receive money for his stunt.

“I am actually entitled to 10 grand because of what I did,” Morrison told the judge before he was silenced by a public defender.

And to clarify Ross’ offer:

“When the Finals come, I got 10 grand for somebody to streak with just they MMG T-shirt on, screaming out, ‘Self Made on June 26th,’” Ross said, referring to his music label. “Hit me up on Twitter, I got 10 stacks.”

Even though this guy obviously mixed up his details and went streaking during a second round playoff game, I feel like Rick Ross should still pay up. I’ve seen his videos and listened to his mixtapes, so I know he has the money. What’s $10,000 to Rick Ross, besides a perfectly enunciated brag from a song featuring Meek Mill? Besides, between court costs and bond, this guy will certainly need the money.

Not to mention, as a musician, Rick Ross should realize that this is basically a form of advance press, similar to releasing a trailer for a music video, which is one of the mindblowingest things that exists today. Everyone is going to be pants free during the Finals, so it’s good to get some early buzz before people get overwhelmed by the hundreds of streakers who will surely try to cash in, should the Heat make the Finals.

So pay up, Rick Ross. Maybe the specifics aren’t perfect, but we have pretty much forgiven you for not mentioning that you were a corrections officer while simultaneously acting like the world’s largest trafficker of illicit drugs. Sometimes details get lost in the shuffle, plus it’s just 10 Gs.

In conclusion, RUH.

(via I Am a GM)

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  1. It always strikes me as bizarre how most of the rap community seems to have conveniently forgotten that Officer Ricky’s whole drug dealer premise is a complete lie. I’ll never quite understand that.

    • Rick Ross is still accepted by the rap community because he is far from the first – or even most famous – guy to sell a ton of records on the back of a “fake thug” persona. Dr. Dre anyone? http://pull.imgfave.netdna-cdn.com/image_cache/124961229015036.jpeg

      If Ross were to get called out for his pretend gangsterism, it would lead to an unstoppable chain reaction of call-outs that might cause the implosion of the entire industry.

  2. Maybe there’ll be a streaker promoting Ray Cash’s next album at the game tonight? (I tried hard to think of an indiana rapper but failed)

  3. solid streets reference, i’m pretty sure I can fully recite the first two streets albums.

  4. Hip Hop is not rap, which is to excuse stupid rappers from being the complete detriment to hip hop. But even in Rap music, when did behavior like this get cool? It bothers me because the rappers known to be mainstays in radio rotation are already generating horrible product (primarily to kids who don’t know no better); but now, you want fans to show they a$$ so you can sell records?? Naw Rick, you show your a$$ (pause). Try to cut a record that is debatable along the lines of Life After Death first.

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