Ballin: Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jrue Holiday all scored 20 or more points in Philly’s Game 6 win. In that game, this is like three guys each going for 80 in the same game.

Not so much: Just a few fun stats for you about that Sixers-Celtics game: the score was 36-33 at halftime, the teams combined to shoot 4-23 from three (17 percent), Spencer Hawes, Elton Brand and Lavoy Allen were the only players who made more than half their shots. Gross.

An actual highlight: This was not the most exciting game, but this was a solid dunk.

While dunking over Paul Pierce isn’t the biggest accomplishment in NBA history, I’m very down with Andre Iguodala’s extremely nonplussed reaction to his feat of strength. It’s like Blake Griffin, with the disdain replaced by true ambivalence.

Uh-oh: Avery “Floppy Shoulders” Bradley is likely done for the remainder of the playoffs, thanks to some floppy shoulders that won’t stay in their sockets. Get ready for some sweet Marquis Daniels action, I guess.

Missed you: Allen Iverson was back in Philadelphia last night and the fans seemed pretty happy to see him.

As cool as it was to see Philly fans embrace him — and as touching it was to see him getting emotional talking about how they embraced him — it is kind of a bummer that the Sixers brought out Iverson to present a game ball when he is actively trying to still play professional basketball and would love to be in the NBA. All in all, thumbs up to all of this, but it’s a little weird they’re treating a 36-year-old like a living legend when it’s not out of the realm of possibility that he could end up in the league again.

FYI: Suspensions came down for the flagrant foulsters from the last Miami-Indiana game — nothing for Tyler Hansbrough, one game for Udonis Haslem and three for Dexter Pittman. Seems about right.

Defense wins awards: Congratulations to first team All-Defense members LeBron James, Serge Ibaka, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul and Troy Brown. You all deserved it, especially Troy Brown. Great season from Troy Brown.

Other things: Word on the street is that some 76ers fans at last night’s game ripped off the Celtics’ flexing celebration after last night’s win. Wouldn’t mind seeing that … Get it together, Rajon Rondo. Love, Paul Pierce … LeBron is in this Nike soccer commercial for about three seconds, but it’s so good you should watch it even though it’s hardly basketball … Really cool stuff on which shooters are the best from which spots on the floor … So many playoff games at Staples Center over the weekend, so watch how it went down