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On today’s show, we break down the soon-to-be legendary Spurs-Thunder Conference Final. Will Tony Parker and Westbrook guard each other? Which Sixth Man will dominate? And will Coach Popovich outfox Coach Brooks? We also ask if Chris Bosh’s injury was a blessing in disguise for the Heat; whether either Boston or Philly can challenge Miami; and decode the imprecise science behind the selection of the All-NBA Teams.

All that, plus streakers, medieval weaponry, Rick Ross, GM Shaq, Tom Jones, pun-gun fun, and “Squeaky” Leigh Ellis returns from paternity leave with a “Tweet of the Weak.”

So give your eyes a rest, and embrace this audio explosion.


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  1. Giiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrlllllllllllssssssssssss! Welcome back Leigh!

  2. Best part of my week thanks it makes school go by faster

  3. What if this happens during the summer…

    The Bobcats get the no.1 pick and trade it for Dwight Howard. The next day MJ hires Stan Van Gundy as the coach.

    Am I crazy or is this beautiful?!

    • Beautiful. But no way the Bobcats trade 4 years of Anthony Davis for a year of Dwight Howard. It would have to be Brooklyn I think.

  4. Raps + jeremy Lin = playoffs

  5. I can’t see Thunder taking more than 1 game. Spurs are too sharp on offense, and their team defense is designed to stop iso-heavy teams.

    • I’m with you on this…I picked San Antonio in 5…They are just playing basketball at a higher level than anyone has in a while. It’s tough to see OKC even take more than one against them.

  6. I agree with Skeets that the all NBA team should be more respected. But I think Kobe deserves to be1st team all NBA. The dude had a great regular season, finishing 2nd in scoring behind Durant with 27.9ppg with 5.4rpg and 4.6apg. He did have a bad “hero ball” postseason, but this award isn’t about that.

  7. You guys should do some Raptors talk. Off season acquisition possibilities maybe. What do you think about Bargnani and Calderon for Gasol?

    • A semi-soft player for 2 cupcakes? As a Laker fan, me no likey

      • How about Bargnani/Calderon/J. Johnson for Gasol/World Peace? JJ is a young big SF/PF combo who can play D with a lot of upside and comes cheaper than Metta. Calderon gives you a legitimate starting point guard and Bargnani is a nice 3rd option after Kobe and Bynum who can stretch the floor. The Lakers still have a huge front court with two 7 footers and 6’9″ SF.

        • As a Raptors fan I don’t want to see James Johnson go. Since he’s got there I have devloped a thing for him. He is also the best defender on the team. Love that guy.

        • terrible idea… you’re saying you want Jerryd Bayless and Uzoh as the 2 guards on this team…

          • Not even. I want to pick up a moderate PG in free agency. Nash/Lin/Nelson/Brooks/Felton? Any one makes the team a playoff contender.

    • Bad move for toronto, they lose a young former #1 pick who still has the upside to be an all star being in toronto and can be the number one option on the team. not only that but then Toronto goes against their plan of staying young and building a defensive culture. great move for LA though.

      • We need to stop kidding ourselves that Bargnani is going to be a number one guy because he isn’t. The experiment is over and I’ll take Gasol over him any day. And how would adding Gasol go against building a defensive culture? He is a huge upgrade defensively over Bargnani. He would provide some veteran leadership for a group of young guys that has none. Oh yeah and Gasol would also be a perfect mentor for Valanciunas.

  8. Great show guys, welcome back Leigh! To continue on the Laker talk, I think the best move for them this summer is to trade Pau to the Bucks for Brandon Jenning and Lil’ Dun/Ilyasovea.

    It’s a win win trade, Bucks desperately need some size and skill to go with all those athletic forwards they have and with Pau, they are a lock for the playoffs. Bucks also already said extending Jennings was not a priority this summer for them.

    Putting Jennings on the Lakers is a perfect match I think, he’s got the speed and the outside shooting they lack, and he’s cocky enough to succeed playing next to Kobe. Throwing in Lil’ Dun gives them a player with that Lamar Odom skill set that they really need.

  9. Come for the basketball talk, stay for the pun gun and tweet of the week.

  10. Whats the over-under on when the dickjerks over at will get Tas’ name right?

  11. What if the Spurs sweep the Thunder? historically how significant could that be?

    • Well if you did your homework, my Lakers only had 1 loss (PHI Game 1) en route to the championship, having swept throught the West.

  12. I’ve been wondering the longest…does Ellen Page do your intros?

  13. any possible big raptors trades/signings this offseason as Colangelo did say to expect huge things from this offseason

  14. holy shit leigh it’s good to have you back man.
    titty story is the best.

    • That story had me cracking up. I don’t think I’ve heard that side to Leigh before… S/O to Leigh Ellis for the story.

  15. Rando? C’mon, John Doe is far more fitting!

  16. Fantastic work from Leigh today. Tas was also in cracking form. Loved it.

  17. Hey guys – great work overall on The Basketball Jones and where you guys have come from. I was listening to your audio podcast a few years back now.

    I’ve just started my own Jordan-era website, would love to know your thoughts on its content thus far?

    Thanks in advance…


  18. Why did no one mention Dwyane Wade for NBA All-Defensive 1st team? He’s only played 5 less games than Dwight, and even though he played 17 less games than Ibaka, he’s only played 167 less minutes (about 3 games.)

  19. Ya TSN doesn’t give a shit about the NBA.

  20. House of Pain is actually from L.A. I used to think they were Boston Irish too.

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