From the people who brought you “Is Dwyane Wade’s face a basketball?” comes the sequel, “How many legs does Ray Allen have?”. It’s another age-old question that needs answering so that we can all sleep at night. Without an answer to this riddle, our worlds are incomplete.

From Paul Flannery:

Reporter: “Ray, what’s it like playing on basically one leg?”

Ray: “I have two legs.”

Balance is super important for jump shots, so it’s really great for the Celtics that Ray Allen has two legs. Considering you can’t even read a green if you’re missing just a shoe, imagine how impossible it would be to shoot while missing a leg. Ray Allen having two legs should be a huge relief for Celtics fans. Crisis averted. Phew.

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  1. Avery Bradley is done for the season and NOW Ray Allen has two legs?

    So this is how Ray has stayed young despite all of his time in the league. He just harvests limbs from younger guys.

  2. The lesson from this story, and one I seem to learn in new and amazing ways each and everyday sometimes in ways I never thought were possible, is that people are idiots

  3. Reporter: “Ray, how do you know you’re not really a turtle?”

    Ray: “I have two legs.”

  4. Worth noting that he has two legs worth of mass in each calf.

  5. Lousy attempt at something funny. Can we please have some real sports journalism.

  6. Yeah eat a dick Bob.

  7. Ray Allen does not look as terrible on defense as people say. He is still rotating effectively and tends to be able to guard penetration on many guards. His shot will fall, just give it time.

  8. @ Bob—have you ever read TBJ before?

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